Welcome Home Party Gifts

When your spouse returns from an extended business trip, your daughter graduates from a university and finally comes home, your son completes his military service, or your dear friend from another city visits you, it calls for a warm and joyful welcome. Welcome home parties provide the perfect opportunity to express your delight at their return.

These gatherings offer an intimate reunion with the people who matter most in your life. While your guests from afar bask in the joy of your welcome home party, a thoughtful gift will convey your affection and happiness at their return. At Arria Home, our gifts are meticulously crafted to make your loved ones feel truly special, as our craftsmanship transforms these products into one-of-a-kind keepsakes.

So, why wait any longer - it's time to show your returning loved ones just how much you care.

9 Personalized Welcome Home Party Gifts

Welcome to Arria Home's welcome home party collection! We have nine exquisite gift ideas to convey your love and joy to your cherished guests. 

Let's begin our journey home with our embroidery pillows. Increase the charm of these essential home decor pieces by personalizing them with unique designs for your loved ones. Another  soft and heartfelt gift is  our needle punch pillow, exuding love and warmth with every stitch.

Our specially-designed personalized wooden cutting board is a game-changer for those missing home-cooked meals. Meanwhile, our resin cutting board, with its flawless epoxy design, will serve as mealtime inspiration.

Make a statement at work or homecoming with Acrylic Signs, adding a touch of elegance to any space. Our Punch Keychains, with their sweet designs, are meaningful tokens of love for those returning home.

And finally, we offer a wide array of coasters in various materials. Our wooden coasters are thoughtfully engraved pieces that will match any coffee table. Our acrylic coasters take the center stage in table decor with their unique designs. Meanwhile, our resin coasters have the perfect epoxy touch.

Every item in this collection reflects your deep love and appreciation for your returning loved ones. These gifts will surely leave your guests smiling as they receive  your warm embrace. Welcome home, indeed!

Punch Needle Pillows

When it comes to choosing a gift that perfectly embodies your love and excitement for your spouse’s long-awaited return, look no further than Arria Home. Our needle punch pillow is a symbol of the comfort and warmth of your home - exactly what your spouse has been missing. What sets our pillows apart is our various personalization options. Choose from 4 pillow sizes, 18 vibrant fabric colors, and 22 thread colors to create a pillow that suits your spouse's preferences. Add a text, a monogram, or an icon, and our skilled artisans will meticulously embroider your selections together. Each pillow is crafted with the utmost care and affection, ensuring it resonates with your spouse's unique tastes.

Welcome anyone home with a truly unique and meaningful gift, our needle punch pillows. Let your choice of color, size, and design reflect your love, making their return all the more special.

Personalized Cutting Boards

Your daughter, a culinary enthusiast who just graduated, is about to return home. It's time to celebrate her academic achievement and her much-awaited homecoming with a heartfelt welcome home party. And what better way to show your appreciation than with a special gift?

Arria Home presents the ideal present for your chef: our personalized wooden cutting board. This thoughtful gift will be her favorite companion in the kitchen, especially after you customize it according to her liking.

Our customization options include a choice of 3 different wood types for the board, 5 distinct board shapes, and a selection of 46  unique designs, to which you can add a name or a text. With these choices, creating a one-of-a-kind gift is effortless.

Our cutting boards are  more than just a gift; they’re heartfelt gestures that  symbolizing your pride and love. This  gift will be sure to have  a prominent place in any kitchen. Make any welcome home party unforgettable with this thoughtful and personalized present.

Resin Cutting Boards

You've decided to host a Welcome Home Party for your father who just returned from the hospital. All that’s left to do is to find the perfect gift. 

Arria Home has the solution for you. How about a resin cutting board he can use at his next upcoming barbecue party? This cutting board will be a handy addition to his culinary adventures. Our personalization options allow you to customize the board with his name, a cherished message, or an icon, all set against a stunning epoxy design reminiscent of ocean waves.

Choose from three different styles, each available in various sizes, and let us craft a unique piece specially tailored for your loved one.

Arria Home’s resin cutting board is a gift that will truly resonate with anyone for years to come.

Embroidery Pillows

Welcome home parties are poignant events for those we have been missing. When accompanied by a special gift, they become even more meaningful.

Arria Home’s embroidery pillows make excellent welcome home gifts because they bring beautiful craftsmanship to heartfelt messages. Our personalization options for these pillows are enormous: we have  12 fabric colors, 4 pillow sizes, and 49 vibrant thread colors, for you to customize your pillow with, allowing you to craft a one-of-a-kind gift for anyone.

You can personalize these pillows with names or  a cherished photo of you and your loved one together,  carefully embroidered by hand. This personal touch transforms any home into a warm and comforting space, ensuring your loved one always feels your presence, even when you're apart. Welcome your dearest home with love and thoughtfulness.

Acrylic Signs

As your loved ones return home after being away for too long, preparing for a welcome home party is a beautiful way to express your joy and happiness at their arrival. You’ll definitely be needing a  certain piece of decoration for this special occasion: a sign to welcome them home!

Arria Home offers  customizable acrylic signs that will both add to the party’s decor and become a keepsake for your loved ones. What sets our signs apart is our multiple customization options: . With ten vibrant neon colors, six acrylic styles, and various lettering options, creating this personalized masterpiece is effortless.

Our acrylic sign will add a dazzling touch to the welcome home celebration and become a cherished decoration in your loved ones' homes after the festivities. It's a gift that keeps memories alive and bright.

Resin Coasters

Your childhoodfriend, who resides in a different city, is about to visit your hometown for an extended stay—a piece of news that fills you both with joy. To mark this special occasion, you're planning a welcome home party.

We're excited to offer you a perfect party gift from Arria Home that reflects your deep affection and happiness. Our resin coasters are truly exceptional, crafted from high-quality epoxy and adorned with vibrant flowers. And after adding  your friend's name, it will transform into a dazzling keepsake.

These coasters are not only perfect companions to coffee mugs, but also a symbol of cherished bonds between friends.

Acrylic Coasters

Are you planning a welcome home party for your brother after his university exams? Make it extra special with a  thoughtful gift from Arria Home in the form of  our acrylic coasters. These elegantly designed coasters come with dozens of  personalization options, making it excellent gift for anyone.

Choose from three acrylic styles and add a pop of color by choosing from our six vibrant options. Finally add a design by choosing from one of our a 45 unique designs. 

Your brother, returning home tired and weary from his exams, will be pleasantly surprised by your thoughtful gift. These coasters will add a touch of elegance to his desk and keep his spirits high, reminding him of your support during those long study nights.

Make your brother's homecoming memorable with Arria Home's acrylic coasters – the perfect blend of style and sentiment.

Wooden Coasters

Welcome home parties are a beautiful way to express your affection for friends, relatives, and family returning from afar, and the gifts prepared especially for this occasion make these gatherings even more special. For a present that fits the bill, check our Arria Home’s wooden coasters.

We've transformed wood's natural beauty into exquisite coasters, with 12 elegant designs that you can engrave to personalize these coasters. The designs can be additionally customized with names, monograms, or favorite icons, adding an even more personal touch.

Welcome your dear ones home with warmth and style through the timeless appeal of wooden coasters from Arria Home.

Punch Needle Keychains

After a long summer voyage, your parents are finally returning home, and you’d like to welcome them with a special gift. Arria Home is thrilled to be a part of this moment with its delightful needle punch keychains personalized by you.

With 67 unique designs and 26 initial options, you can customize keychains for each family member. These keychains will add a touch of style to any set of keys or bag, and  tailoring your gifts to your loved ones’ interests will surely bring smiles and joy.

No matter where they are, you loved ones will always be reminded of you with these charming gifts. Make any return home even more special with personalized needle punch keychains from Arria Home.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for the product to arrive?

We meticulously craft each welcome gift at Arria Home, and each item's production process may differ. Consequently, the shipping times also vary based on the product. For instance, the Punch Keychain is a ready-to-ship item, which means it'll be on its way shortly after you place your order. In contrast, the Punch Pillow design requires one day for creation. As a result, the shipping dates for our gifts can differ. Still, typically, you can anticipate your package arriving within 3-5 days.

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