About Us

At Arria Home, our journey began in the realm of interior design. We started as passionate interior architects, shaping spaces that harmonize aesthetics, functionality, and individuality. However, as the world faced unprecedented challenges during the pandemic, we adapted and expanded our horizons.

Pandemic-Driven Evolution

During these transformative times, we ventured into new territories. Our focus shifted to home decor, accessories, and clothing—all meticulously crafted with a touch of uniqueness. From bespoke furniture pieces to personalized garments, we embraced the art of creating meaningful experiences through design.

E-Commerce and Beyond

Our commitment to innovation led us to explore e-commerce platforms. We now offer our exclusive creations to a global audience, bridging the gap between creativity and convenience. Whether you’re seeking a handcrafted accent for your living room or a custom-made ensemble that reflects your style, we’ve got you covered.

Creating Memories

Our core mission remains unwavering: to provide tailored solutions for individual needs. We believe that design is more than aesthetics; it’s about weaving memories. Each piece we create is an opportunity to celebrate life’s moments—whether it’s a cozy corner in your home or a statement accessory that sparks conversations.

Let’s Craft Anecdotes Together

Join us on this creative journey. Let’s transform your ideas into tangible expressions. At Arria Home, we don’t just design; we curate stories. Your special requirements inspire us to craft designs that resonate with your soul. Together, let’s create memories that last a lifetime.

At Arria Home, we don’t just create beautiful designs; we’re dedicated to making a positive impact on our planet. Here’s how we champion sustainability:

  • Eco-Friendly Materials: We carefully select materials that minimize environmental impact. From reclaimed wood to organic fabrics, our designs reflect our commitment to preserving natural resources.

  • Local Artisans: Supporting local artisans is at the heart of our ethos. By collaborating with skilled craftspeople, we reduce transportation emissions and promote fair labor practices.

  • Minimal Waste: Our production process focuses on efficiency and waste reduction. We repurpose scraps, recycle materials, and strive for zero waste wherever possible.

  • Timeless Design: Trends come and go, but timeless design endures. We create pieces that transcend seasons, encouraging longevity and reducing the need for frequent replacements.

  • Transparency: We believe in transparency. When you choose an Arria Home product, you know its origin, materials, and the hands that crafted it.

Join us in our sustainable journey. Let’s create spaces that not only inspire but also leave a positive footprint on our world.

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