Halloween Decor Gifts

Although Halloween is October 31st, we start to feel the Halloween spirit much earlier, first in the shops, then on the streets, and then in our neighborhoods. As October heralds Halloween, we see Halloween-themed decorations everywhere. Join in decorating their homes for Halloween and need some scream-worthy upgrades. Maybe you want to avoid being the butt of jokes from the kids who come to your door at trick or treat, so you can give them little gifts that will make their eyes pop out of their heads like they've seen a ghost. Or you could offer your close friend, whose name you drew in the Christmas lottery, a gift that will leave her speechless as if she's seen a zombie.
Arria Home offers unique Halloween gifts that you can present to your loved ones, relatives, or children who enjoy Halloween to the fullest, some of which will be the most special decor piece of their room, kitchen, living space, and personalization options that you can customize with Halloween themes.
Thanks to Arria Home, let them feel the spirit of the day first in their hearts, then in their bones, and finally in their living spaces.

9 Customized Halloween Decorations for 2024

The most stressful moments of Halloween are mostly experienced by the gift buyers. Most people wish they could drink a magic potion and immediately figure out who to buy what gift for. No need for a potion; Arria Home is enough for you. Arria Home offers a collection of Halloween decor pieces that will save you from this trouble. With this collection of enchantingly beautiful gifts, we promise you much more than a magical potion. Save time and lift the lid of the witch's cauldron with Arria Home's ideas for Halloween 2024.

You can make the most unique touch to the Halloween decoration of your loved ones with printed, embroidery, and punch pillows, which are indispensable for Halloween decor, on which you can have the Halloween elements you want for your loved ones. You can combine wooden, punch, and acrylic coasters accompanying skeleton glasses on Halloween tables with Halloween themes and sayings you want. Let the witch-figure LED neon signs you will make for the entrance of the door of your friend who will have a party start to make your guests feel the Halloween spirit starting from the door. You can create the spookiest welcome sign with acrylic signs decorated with Halloween sayings and spooky figures. You can give punch keychains with fun Halloween figures to children you don't want to be subjected to their jokes and make them have the most beautiful decor piece of their bags.

Arria Home's witch cauldron is boiling, and there is something for everyone. Don't waste time waiting for the magic potion;

Arria Home's gifts promise you immortality in the hearts of your loved ones.

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Punch Needle Pillows​

Halloween is about more than finding the perfect costume, filling bags with candy loot, and sniffing feet while being subjected to trick-or-treaters. With autumn, the colors black and orange appear as the weather turns colder, gloom descends upon humanity, jack-o-lanterns appear, corn stalks dry up, and spooky scarecrows start to appear in gardens. This is actually a warning to us that Halloween is approaching, and we should hurry to prepare our gifts.

Would you like to add horror, laughter, and more to the decoration of the haunted house of your Halloween-loving coworker whose party you are invited to? Then, let's introduce you to Arria Home, a unique gift idea without putting you in the spiral of what to buy as a gift. Arria Home introduces you to punch pillows without wasting any time.

In addition to the decoration of your friend who has spent so much effort at the party and decorated his home from top to bottom for Halloween, it will make him very pleased. Pillows add a nice touch to the place where they are found in daily life. Now, it is Halloween decorations where that should be added. With Arria Home, you can start by choosing an oversized orange pillowcase. Then hand-punch a spooky Halloween figure onto the cover with black threads, and your magically beautiful piece ready. You can be sure that it will be the most eye-catching piece of Halloween.

Arria Home is the most special friend you can reward the efforts of your loved ones. Leave your magic touches on the living spaces of your loved ones with Arria Home.

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Printed Pillows

When the color of the leaves changes from green to yellow and a cool breeze starts to waft through the air, you know that autumn is just around the corner. The arrival of autumn heralds the arrival of a day of spooky fun with friends, loved ones, and relatives. Of course, it also signals that you need to buy gifts. Especially if you are going to go to a party or give gifts to children at a trick-or-treat event.

It's your brother's turn to have a Halloween party this year. When you stepped into his garden to say hello after work, you were greeted by coffins with mummies, graveyards with zombies, and a huge spooky spider. From the moment you see the preparations, you think of buying a special piece for all the hard work.

As soon as you return home, the door of Arria Home opens for you with its squeaky sound with your skeleton key. You have decided on printed pillows where you can enjoy your freedom of design to the fullest. You will be able to take care of all the details and put your signature on the Halloween decoration with designs that will suit the spooky environment created by your brother. You want to print a design with zombie-shaped figures of family members on a white pillow. Arguably the most ambitious and scariest piece of Halloween decoration. It would look great in the hands of the skeleton in the corner. 

With Arria Home, spoil not only your loved ones but also zombies and ghouls for the company of a talismanic decor. The magical beauty of Arria Home will make even them smile.

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Neon Signs

As the nights get colder and longer, the only thing that comes to mind is Halloween. As time passes and Halloween approaches, people start decorating their gardens, then the entranceways of their houses, then their doors, and finally the inside of their houses with Halloween themes.

So your close friend first decorated his garden with scarecrows, graveyards and coffins. Then he turned the entryway into a path of horror with jack-o-lanterns, witch cauldrons and demons. The welcome mats, cobwebs, and skeletons on the house door greet guests with the most unpleasant welcome. The exterior of the house is decorated with details that are very tempting for everyone to join the party.

While you were thinking of joining the party with a decor piece that would raise the horror level of the decoration a notch higher, you thought that you started to hear whispers and voices from out of nowhere saying "Arria Home". You thought, "I guess I was impressed by the eeriness of the decoration." Then, when you entered Arria Home and saw the legendary gifts, you thanked the voice from beyond.

Arria Home's neon signs immediately caught your attention with their luminosity. A perfect idea for the exterior decoration of the house. A glow of neon signs with large skulls above the door will attract everyone to attend the ghoul meeting. It is a piece that will fit perfectly with the concept your friend has created for Halloween.

Here you are, enter the magical Halloween world of Arria Home. If you dare.

Acrylic Signs

It's time for the annual spooky seasonal maintenance of houses, streets and shops. Everywhere is slowly being made up with Halloween figures and themes. Everyone who wants to live the spirit of Halloween to the bone has already started preparing their homes for Halloween without even waiting for October to enter.

Your boss is one of those who can't wait for Halloween. Every year, he takes the magical ambiance of Halloween up a notch with his touches, decorations, adornments and entertainment. When October rolls around and you receive your invitation, written on a parchment paper and sealed with a pumpkin design seal, it means that the bells that herald the approach of Halloween have rung for you. These bells also let you know that it is time to buy gifts.

Thanks to Arria Home, there is no doubt that you will be the star of the day when it comes to gifts. You are sure that you can easily add the most stylish and spooky decor piece to your boss's Halloween decoration with Arria Home. With its glossy surface, smooth layer like glass and eye-catching elegance, acrylic signs appear BOO.! You want to combine an acrylic welcome sign with Halloween elements indicating that everyone is invited to the party. After choosing a black plate to match the darkness of the day, you decorate it with various Halloween elements. Finally, you add the details of the invitation, a black easel and a magically beautiful piece of decor with dimensions that everyone will notice.

Wooden Coaster

On social media lately, you've seen a lot of Halloween-related polls, different and spooky costumes, party news, and decorating ideas. This has been a call for you to start preparing for Halloween. Due to your busy schedule, you didn't even realize that summer was over and Halloween was upon us.

At this very moment, your nephew texted you a list of party details from the WhatsApp 'Halloween' group—everything from the meal menu to the day's program. The crowdedness and variety of the menu was the first thing that caught your attention. Then, the first thing that popped into your mind was that you needed to buy a gift. You wondered what a gift with a rustic house and Halloween themes could be. And then suddenly Arria Home comfort.

With Arria Home's detailed customization options, you can immediately start making your magic on wooden coasters. It is a terrifyingly beautiful piece of decor that will harmonize with your niece's rustic home decoration; use the Halloween figure of your choice as a design, and complete the Halloween decoration by keeping it on the party table on the day of the party. By engraving a different figure on each wooden coaster, you create designs to make everyone face their fears. 

Whether your goal is to scare your loved ones, have fun with the magic of the season, or raise the decoration level, start making your clicks to realize what you want with Arria Home.

Acrylic Coasters

Witches, zombies, mummies, giant spiders, Frankensteins. When creatures start to take over the streets and walk among us, the dark day has arrived when all kinds of horrors can happen, the world becomes terrifying, and screams start to emanate from everywhere. Halloween.

On Halloween, you will become one of those creatures, just like the rest of the world. You are confident in your outfit, the party you are going to is ready, the only thing left is the gift! You are thinking of putting your signature on the Halloween decor with a gift that will fit the ambiance of the tunnel of horror your sister has created. Then the doors of the zombie world, sorry, Arria Home's world, are opening to fulfill your wishes this time.

Arria Home has magical ideas, touches, and eerie beauty. We are sure you will easily find the rarest decor piece here. While we are saying this, you have already started touching acrylic coasters. You have created colorful and shaped acrylic coasters with all the Halloween themes. You can touch the Halloween decoration you want with these pieces that make tiny but spooky details at various points of the house.

Arria Home offers decor pieces that will make your loved ones scream with happiness with its delightful products. Unleash the magic in your fingers with Arria Home.

Punch Needle Keychains

When you see homes, businesses, and streets transformed into a creepy visual feast, it's time to start planning for Halloween. This year, as every year, your biggest goal is not to send the kids to your door for trick or treat with just candy but to give them a memorable and fun gift. You want to avoid being tricked because the new generation of kids is increasingly prankish.

You start looking for little gifts that will stay within your budget and reflect Halloween's spirit. Your goal is not to scare children but to bring Halloween figures together with them in a more cute, fun, and sweet form. In this way, they will have an accessory and a decor they will never leave their side, even for a moment. Of course, another issue that interests you is that it is affordable.

The first piece you see at Arria Home fulfills all your expectations. Punch keychains! While affordable, your cost decreased even more when you ordered in bulk. You create punch keychains with different figures, from ghost to pumpkin, bat to the witch hat, skull to the black cat. For the first time, kids will be so happy that someone didn't choose the trick in trick or treat. The most beautiful treat gift, accessory, decor that combines cuteness and horror that they will hang on their bags or attach to their keys.

Arria Home's gifts and personalization options are varied enough to make the desired impression on your loved ones. As long as you want and dream. Everything is possible with the skillful hands of Arria Home.

Embroidery Pillows

As soon as the calendars turn from September to October, as soon as the beautiful weather outside gives way to gloomy weather, it's time to start unpacking the decorations, candles, supplies, and costumes for Halloween. The spooky season is fast approaching, and there's not much time to prepare.

You are among many people to start preparations when the calendars show October. Your brother-in-law is one of those who welcomes the season early like you. He even bought a real owl and named it "Spooktacular." This is what it means to live Halloween to the bone. You have given up and decided to join his party. Because you are very curious about the organization, you should respond with the most ambitious gift for someone preparing such an ambitious show.

Arria Home offers you embroidery pillows that will meet all expectations, take the level of Halloween decoration one step further with its elegance, and you can easily use your personalization magic spells. You can give them the form you want with the spell words and add your desired features. They are entirely at your disposal. With the final touches of our skilled craftsmen, you will have a piece of decor that will blow up the Halloween decoration. And it is wholly shaped according to your wishes.

With Arria Home pieces, people will be mesmerized by the embroidery's elegance, the cushions' comfort, and the design's delicacy, as if enchanted by an elixir.

Punch Needle Coasters

You start getting angry with yourself, wondering why you started Halloween preparations so late, even though people warned you. You have some regret that you started your preparations in the middle of October, ignoring the words of many people that "it's never too early to start Halloween preparations." Even though it was quite an exhausting process, you are glad to have finished your preparations. You are ready for the trick-or-treat event and the party you will organize with your close friends and family.

As of October 31st, your haunted mansion starts to host scary costumes. Your house turns into a movie set with terrifying creatures. Almost everyone has yet to come empty-handed with souvenirs with additions that will upgrade their decoration. As you open each box with screams of joy and fear, it's time for the Arria Home box. Inside is not a gift that will make a positive addition to your decoration, but pieces that will add a feast. Punch coasters with various Halloween figures—cute decor products created by hand for your party that you have organized laboriously. Especially the ones with pumpkin, skull, and bat figures are your favorite pieces.

Arria Home quality is an absolute fact. You can give your loved ones pieces of beauty that they cannot even imagine. Arria Home will gladly fulfill this task if you want to surprise them and make them happy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Personalize My Punch Pillows as a Halloween Decoration?

You can customize your Punch Pillow to enhance your Halloween decorations. Choose the size, fabric color, and inner pillow option, and even select from a range of sample Halloween designs. We're confident that tailoring your Punch Pillow will contribute significantly to creating a fantastic Halloween ambiance.


Can I See the Printed Pillows Outdoors as a Halloween Decoration?

The pillows are suitable for outdoor use. But they are not waterproof. Therefore, the pillows should avoid too much sun/rain contact for long-lasting Halloween decoration.

Where Can I Find Unique and Modern Halloween Decorations?

Arria Home excels in creating distinctive and contemporary Halloween decorations. Our Neon Signs illuminate your decor brilliantly, and our Punch Pillows and Printed Pillows add a stylish touch. You'll find many more unique and modern Halloween decorations just a click away.