Bridal Shower Gifts

Your loved one's wedding is approaching, one of the happiest days of their lives. Are they thrilled but also stressed? Remember that a Bridal Shower party solves everything. The bride will be happier than ever with the party that promises to eliminate the stress of the upcoming wedding and to have lots of fun. Your gift specially prepared for the bride will make her happier than this party.

Gifts that will make brides as happy as Bridal Showers are at Arria Home. Enter the Bridal Shower party prepared to relieve the stress of the wedding and celebrate the wedding with a unique gift. All of the gifts can be personalized, especially for the bride. With the bride's favorite color, the suitable size for her needs, and your design choices that will make her feel special, your unique gift will fascinate those who see it. It'll fascinate the bride mostly.

Double the bride's happiness with the gift you have prepared to share her wedding joy and celebrate this special day. 

 6 Personalized Bridal Shower Gifts

Which Arria Home gift will you prepare for the Bridal Shower party that will share the bride's wedding joy and celebrate this special day will leave a fascinating impression on the bride? 

We have prepared a Bridal Shower Collection that will make your gift selection easier so that you save time searching for gifts and support the bride in this process. Suppose we briefly tell you about our collection of uniquely elegant gifts. In that case, there are six different gift ideas, each one more beautiful than the other. Of these six products, while Punch Bags will be with the bride every moment, Printed Pillows will be with her room every moment. While the dishes are delicious with Personalized Cutting Boards, which will be an indispensable part of the kitchens, the tables and coffee tables are colored with Resin Coasters. Embroidery Pillows and Embroidery Towels will be the favorite pieces of your bride, who loves embroidered decor.

Each product has been carefully added to the collection by thinking like a bride. Considering the gifts that your loved ones will be the happiest, make your choices carefully and add them to your cart.

Punch Needle Bags​

A close friend is on the road to happiness step by step. Your friend, who has two steps left, will have one last step to take after the Bridal Shower party. Take your step with a perfect gift for this party, and you will have a lot of fun.

For your friend who wants to put a lot of things in her bag while going out in her daily life, give as a gift Arria Home's Punch Bags, which are famous for their durability. And also, personalize this gift for your friend. You can choose the bag model your friend uses the most among four different bag styles, and you can choose the one that meets your needs among the sizes offered for each style. We have prepared eleven different fabric colors for the bag, which you can choose not only the size and style but also the fabric color. By selecting the fabric in your friend's favorite color, you can move on to the most enjoyable part of personalization. If you want, you can choose among the beautiful and cute designs we have prepared for you, or you can choose the model that your friend loves very much but is outside the designs. Your unique choices for your friend will be carefully handcrafted and made ready for the Bridal Shower.

You are the bride's favorite with the unique gift of the Bridal Shower party. Thanks to you, your friend now has a Punch Bags that she will never leave her hands. The bag, which she can easily carry everything she wants, is already enough to make her happy.

Printed Pillows

Your sister, with whom you used to fight because she slept too much, is now getting married to set up his own family. A week before her wedding day, she will organize a Bridal Shower party to share her happiness with her loved ones and turn it into a memory she will always remember. As a big sister, it would be appropriate for you to join this memory with an unforgettable gift.

You don't have to look further for a gift that will suit the Bridal Shower party. Just click on Printed Pillow Gifts on the Arria Home page. We thought a pillow would be the best gift to remind you of your sister who fights with you because she loves to sleep. For this pillow to be a gift that will suit the Bridal Shower party, we have ensured you can design it especially for your sister. Make the most eye-catching choices for the Bridal Shower party among the beautiful customization options. Decorate the pillow with a unique design, prepared in the fabric color and size you want. Whether her name, her initials, or an extraordinary text. Any inscription you want to decorate will succeed in making your brother happy on this day.

The Bridal Shower will turn into a more meaningful party for your sister with a unique gift that will be the best proof of the love between you and the most special decor of her new home.

Personalized Cutting Boards

Your best friend, who used to cook delicious meals in your home during your university days, has decided to get married. She will celebrate this happy decision with a Bridal Shower party a week later. Would you like to accompany Arria Home to this party?

The best gift you can give to your friend who loves to cook and constantly prepares unique meals for you is a cutting board that will be most useful in the kitchen. This cutting board is enriched with beautiful personalization options and turned into a Personalized Cutting Board artifact. We have left the wood type, style, and design to you so that you can customize this artwork specifically for your friend. You can choose from three different types of wood to suit your friend's taste, and you can click among five wood styles that will make cooking easier. To turn this board into an unforgettable Bridal Shower gift, you can put the final touch on the cutting board with beautiful designs.

A personalized Cutting Board will make a perfect entrance to your close friend's Bridal Shower party. Your friend will be so excited about your gift that she can't resist and will serve the snacks with your board.

Resin Coasters

You are entering the last weeks of your wedding. In the last week, you decided to organize a Bridal Shower to have fun with your loved ones. Your bridesmaids have already started preparations as soon as they heard about this organization.  They are with you as they are with you at every moment in this organization, right?

Say, thank you with a gift to your precious bridesmaids who lightened your burden and comforted you throughout the wedding process. Be with them in every moment with your gift as much as they are with you. Do it with Arria Home. We have designed Resin Coasters gifts that will suit the elegance of your bridesmaids as beautiful as flowers. The perfect epoxy combined with beautiful flowers is a unique design that will reflect your gratitude to them.

Moreover, it also gives you the opportunity to design it separately for each of your bridesmaids. You can create your gift with the names of each of your bridesmaids or with the beautifully colored flowers we offer you. Let's combine them with epoxy to turn them into a more elegant gift.

While your bridesmaids are completing the Bridal Shower organization, you have prepared your Resin Coasters gift to make them happy. While they are with you in this process, you are now with them with your gift.

Embroidery Pillows

You are getting ready for a Bridal Shower party where you will have a lot of fun singing and dancing together. Have you added gift selection to this preparation?

Arria Home has designed Embroidery Pillows that will be a unique Bridal Shower gift for your loved ones. A perfect gift choice that will refresh the love of your loved ones who are on the way to marriage in their homes with their spouses. Moreover, it also offers the opportunity to design it specially for the homes of your loved ones. We've added all the options that can suit a pillow so that it can turn into a unique Bridal Shower gift. With twelve different fabric colors to make the pillow sparkle, four different sizes to match any home decor, sixteen different designs to make the pillow special for your loved ones, and forty-nine colors and twenty-eight fonts to write the design, your choices are easy. Complete the selections that will harmonize with the home decoration of your loved ones and enchant them with their appearance. The names, wedding dates, and initials of your loved ones you want to embroider on it. Combine all the texts that will make them feel special with your choices, and all that remains is to add them to the cart.

All your preparations are completed with the unique Embroidery Pillow you created by making special choices for your loved ones' Bridal Shower. Your gift is now a unique piece of decor symbolizing their love in the homes of your loved ones.

Embroidery Towel

Your beloved cousin is getting married. In this process, the bride is very excited. So you decide to organize a party to ease his excitement a little. Organizing a fun Bridal Shower party will help the bride relax. A gift specially prepared for them will replace the excitement with happiness.

An indispensable gift for Bridal Shower parties, Arria Home's Embroidery Towel designs are the right choice for your cousin.... Why? Embroidered towels have the effect of reducing anxiety and increasing happiness at the same time. The fact that personalized gifts add a special feeling to this effect. You can have all these effects at the same time with small clicks. The towel has ten different color options in specially selected geometric patterns. Make your first click by choosing the colors that the bride and groom like. The size of the towels is also very important. So choose from three sizes to meet your needs and make your second click. Finally, it remains to choose the design you want to be written on the towel, whose features are determined by you. You can choose their name or their favorite shape. In both cases, the result is a perfect picture.

While the Bridal Shower party you prepare will ease the bride's excitement, the Embroidery Pillows you design for them will make both of them happy. Their love is embroidered on the towels, and your love is embroidered on their hearts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Personalize The Bridal Shower Gifts?

Certainly, Arria Home offers customization options to suit your preferences. For Punch Pillows, you can adjust the pillow size, fabric color, thread color, text, and design to your liking. When it comes to Personalized Cutting Boards, you can select the board size, type, groove options, and design for laser engraving. Our Resin Coasters come in various color combinations of your choice. In the case of Printed and Embroidery Pillows, you can personalize the pillow size and fabric color, just like Punch Pillows, and also choose the design for embroidery and print. And for our Towels, you can create your own personalization by selecting fabric colors, size, embroidery color, and font.

At Arria Home, our commitment is to offer products that match your individual style and preferences. Your personal touch enhances the charm of each item.

Can I Include a Personalized Message With My Gift?

We understand that the messages you want to share with your loved ones on their special occasions hold great significance. It's our responsibility to ensure that your heartfelt messages are effectively conveyed as you intend.