Christmas Gifts

Jingle bells, jingle bells

Jingle all the way

Oh, what fun it is to rise

In one horse open sleigh

The Christmas songs tell us that the magical day of Christmas is approaching and are a call to start preparing for Christmas.

The time to celebrate Christmas has finally come: As December 25 approaches,  Christmas trees take their place in the most beautiful corners of homes;. houses, gardens, streets, and shops are festively decorated  with eye-catching Christmas decorations; and children write letters to Santa to ask for presents.

Everyone is in a flurry of excitement and preparations for Christmas. But the biggest rush is choosing the gifts to put under the Christmas tree. Because this is the busiest time of the year for gift shopping, be careful to not to be last.

Arria Home is the perfect place for  Christmas gifts. With various gifts to save you from the gift rush and hundreds of personalization options to pamper your loved ones, Arria Home takes the stress out of gift-buying and makes it the most enjoyable part of your Christmas preparations. 

Punch Needle Pillows

As you check your calendar, you realize that Christmas is approaching…. You should start preparing for this most joyful day of the year. That means choosing giftsfor all types of people with all sorts of interests and all kinds of personalities - a difficult endeavor! So let's take you to the Santa-approved gift station, Arria Home.

First up is our needle punch pillows, which you can have embroidered with a Christmas-themed design.In addition, you select the size of your pillow, the color of the pillow fabric and the color of the threads. After you’ve made your selections, your one-of-a-kind Christmas gift is ready.

With Arria Home, you can bring your loved ones unique gifts this Christmas. Thanks to Arria Home, your loved ones no longer need to convey your gift requests to the representative Santas in the shopping mall.

Punch Needle Bags

Thinking of the gifts to put under the Christmas tree? The children's gifts are ready, but what about your spouse's? You need to hurry, Christmas is coming soon?

If you don't know where to start, take a look at Arria Home's punch needle bags. With  its functionality, eye-catching, handcrafted designs,  durable structure, it makes an excellent gift for anyone. We offer four different models in various sizes. After choosing its style and size, you can select the bag’s colors: we offer  11 fabric colors and 22 thread colors for your design. Finally, after your selections, you’re left with an unforgettable Christmas gift.

With Arria Home, you’ll be able to put the  most unique gifts under the Christmas tree.

Neon Signs

Christmas will be celebrated with your family and a few close friends at your home this year. Although there is still time before Christmas, you went to the mall with your son to complete the shopping. When you have finished shopping and are waiting at the checkout, you see your son asking Santa Claus for a gift. When you went up to Santa and asked him what he wanted, he told you what your son wanted.

Your son's wish for this Christmas is surprisingly simple:. A neon sign of  his favorite game character and his name. Arria Home is the place to come to create this simple gift. First, choose the colors of the sign: red and blue, the colors of his character. . After determining the desired dimensions, you can decide on the sign’s acrylic shape.You are now satisfied with the final version of your neon sign. Arria Home offers you limitlessness creativity with its  various customization options. 

Your children's wishes are very important for Arria Home. A smile on a child's face is the source of happiness for Arria Home. Contact Arria Home immediately to make your child happy and fulfill the wishes he conveyed to Santa Claus.

Night Lights

It's your first Christmas away from your family. Recognizing this, your coworker made an elegant invitation to spend this Christmas together. Although you were a little hesitant, when you found out you had other coworkers, you gladly accepted his offer.

You’re looking for a gift for a coworker who has invited you to his Christmas party. As your friend works late into the night, you like the idea of giving him a  night light that will light up his long work  nights. When you see the wide variety of personalization options of Arria Home, you start making your personal touches to your coworkers’ gift.

Once you've meticulously customized every aspect of the night light, from its shape,color and  font, a  one-of-a-kind creation begins to emerge. A delightful night light featuring a famous phrase he always utters during work, coupled with a humorous snapshot from his social media.

You can always find what you are looking for in Arria Home's gift sack and customize it according to your loved ones’ preferences. Arria Home will take care of the rest.

Printed Pillows

Christmas is an excellent opportunity for family members to get together, and your brother is preparing the annual Christmas Party.  You wants to  make a sweet gift for your brother, so you check out what Arria Home has to offer .

Customizable printed pillows will be perfect for your TV series-loving brother while watching his series on the couch. They also make stylish decor for armchairs. After choosing the largest size pillow that will show your design’s details, you request a  design that blends your brother's favorite series with Christmas motifs. After Arria Home's graphic design team has created a unique design, all you have to do is confirm and click the buy now button.

It's easy to make your loved ones happy with Arria Home.

Cutting Boards

You’re unsure what to get your mother this year. Cutting boards will be a great piece for your mother, who loves to cook, spends most of the day in the kitchen, and never fails to prepare unique delicacies for her guests. It's also the perfect decor piece for her favorite living space.

After choosing a wood color to match the colors of her newly decorated kitchen, you design a cutting board without handle, selecting the large size. You have many options in terms of cutting board style and sizes, but the without handle style will make the best home decoration.  After choosing  a clear and elegant font from Arria Home's fonts, you decide to engrave  your mother's name and a quote in the cutting board’s lower right corner. 

Thanks to Arria Home's personalization options, your gifts, along with  your name, will be engraved once again in your loved ones' hearts. 

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Resin Cutting Boards

Christmas is finally approaching:songs, joy, togetherness, good times, good spirits, and good gifts! Gift-giving is undoubtedly one of the main reasons that makes Christmas so precious and unique. 

And Arria Home is your Christmas savior with its unique product range. With Arria Home, you can be sure that you will get the most beautiful gift for everyone on your list.  For your loved one who loves the sea, our resin cutting boards  resembling waves on a  beach are perfect. These resin cutting boards with live edgeswill be indispensable for cheese and charcuterie spreads. You can add any text with our engraving options, making your cutting board beach even more personal.

Thanks to Arria Home, you can spend more time with your loved ones and less time searching for that perfect present.

Resin Coasters

When Christmas songs fill the radios, Christmas commercials adorn the TVs, Santas start collecting gift requests, and the smell of mulled wine fills the air, it's that time of year that's knocking at our door. Faced with the idea that Christmas is approaching, you realize that you need to start preparing. Because you have a very stressful matter ahead of you. Presents! Your burden this year is much heavier, especially considering that this year you have the leading role in the Christmas party. Only one person will be responsible for the party, the decorations, the food, the organization, the games, the songs, you…

You shake off all these thoughts and decide to tackle the gift first. Because you have limited time to give the perfect Christmas gift. As soon as we say it's time to dive into the world of Christmas gifts by  personalizing resin coasters for each of your family members.

Give unforgettable Christmas gift with our resin coasters sets that you can create featuring  colorful flowers (as one example). Why not gift a set of six for each person, each with a different   flower ? Let them remember you every time they use their coasters, with  flowers that will never fade.

Be the hero of the Christmas holidays with your original gifts, thanks to Arria Home.

Acrylic Coasters

Christmas is just around the corner, the most joyful time of the year for everyone, when we spend time with our loved ones, catch up with close friends, eat delicious food, and have fun with our family members. You want to create personalized gifts for this year's gifts from personalized gifts, the gift trend of the last few years. It is  they make priceless feeling for the recipients when you present your loved ones with gifts that are personalized and that you have taken care of every single point, that they will remember this unique day and you with the best wishes. If you want to give this priceless feeling, Arria Home’s gifts are exactly what you need. 

Buying a gift is a very difficult and demanding subject. Arria Home comes to eliminate your reservations and change your thoughts completely. Because Arria Home has gifts for every special day and for everyone. Acrylic coasters are excellent Christmas gifts. Everything from the coasters’ shape,color, size, and design is under your control. You can gift them individually or create a set. By creating products with different designs for each of your loved ones, you’ll be sure to  capture their hearts. 

With the elegant touches you make to your with Arria Home, your Christmas gifts will become  much more than an ordinary gift.

Embroidery Aprons

When you see your neighbors' yards lit up with Christmas lights, you realize how fast time flies and Christmas is approaching. Since Christmas is so close, you thought as you looked at your neighbor's colorful garden lights, you should start shopping for gifts before the shelves of the shops are empty. 

Christmas gifts are special. For him, a sincere, special product with high sentimental value will always make your loved ones happier. For this reason, Christmas is no time for  gifts to be left to the last minute.

That’s where we come in: at Arria Home, we offer you a perfectly customizable gift that you can design with only a few clicks. Looking for something that you can gift to  you barbecue-loving colleague, your chef spouse, or your friend who loves embroidered handicrafts?... Why not give them a Christmas-themed embroidery apron designed specially by you? First, you can select the apron’s fabric color, then the thread of the embroidery (make sure to choose your loved ones’ favorites!).  Add a favorite Christmas  quote or character, or have their name embroidered on it. Thanks to Arria Home, you’ll be able to gift them the most special and heartfelt Christmas gift they could ever receive. 

Embroidery Towels

It’s Christmas time at the office, and you know what that means: Secret Santa! Not sure what to get? How about a personalized towel set featuring the names or initials of your coworkers’ family members?  Choose an elegant and legible font, and select your towel’s color and thread’s color. You’ll be left with a gift that will make everyone else’s secret Santa jealous. At this point, you couldn't stop thinking about who will buy me a gift. You couldn't stop thinking, "I wish I knew who was going to buy me a gift so that I could recommend Arria Home to them."

No matter who you have to buy gifts for, Arria Home has the trendiest Christmas gifts for all.

Embroidery Pillows

Another one of your family movie nights. It's snowing outside, everything is white, and Christmas is coming. You have chosen this week's movie to be a Christmas-themed movie. As you were eating your popcorn and watching the movie, your little boy saw the colorful printed pillows in the boy's room and asked for one. You are surprised, but you are happy after thinking about it for a while. At least you have now found a Christmas present for your little boy.

If you’re thinking of gifting handcrafted products this Christmas, Arria Home is the first place to check for your Christmas list. We have the  perfect embroidery pillows that you can customize to your liking. First, choose the color of you pillow’s fabrics: why not navy blue and red, for your son?. Then determine the size of the pillows: why not match the size of your son’s sofa? Finally, secret what you would like to have embroidered on the pillow, along with its thread color. Perhaps you choose to have your  son's name, along with  his favorite cartoon characters, embroidered on the pillow All that’s left to do is to click the buy-now button. After approving the graphic design team’s version of the pillow, you’re left with a wonderful present that your son will always hold dear to his heart. Let Arria Home help you make the wishes of and your loved ones come true this Christmas.

Wooden Coasters

You want to find the perfect present for your parents, who you can’t be with this Christmas. Which present will embrace them for you this Christmas in your place?

Before time runs out, check out  Arria Home, where you know you will easily find what you are looking for. Our wooden coasters, with their elegant rustic look, are the first piece to catches your eye.They’ll go perfectly with your mother's walnut furniture and your father's oak study. We offer both different sizes and wood types, along with personalized engraving options. After choosing the largest coaster size and walnut wood for your mother and the medium coaster size " in oak for your father, engrave your father's name on one set  and your mother's name on the other in  a stylish font. You’re now left with unforgettable Christmas gifts - ones that will feature at your mother's tea parties and will be a companion to your father's studies.

Arria Home enables you to create unique gifts that will always remind your loved ones of you, even if you cannot be with them. 

Resin Bookmarks

Christmas is approaching, and your friend is planning to open a “book” cafe: Why not get them a gift that celebrates Christmas and the opening of the café at the same time? Arria Home’s customizable  resin bookmarks are just the thing:; a special gift for Christmas that fits the concept of the cafe and a unique piece that their customers can use!.

With Arria Home, you can  create dozens of bookmarks by combining our flowers designs with different leaf and tassel variations. Finally, you can add the cafe’s name in different fonts on each bookmark. After selecting your final designs, you will have a unique Christmas gift for your friend. The cafe's customers will be delighted to have found a special friend to accompany their coffees and books.

Reserve your place in the hearts of your loved ones forever with Arria Home gifts.