Wedding Favors

Weddings are one of the most memorable days for the couples in their lives. For this reason, in order for everything to be perfect, they either take care of every detail themselves or leave it to the professionals. Even if they leave it to professionals, they want to align with their ideas and thoughts.

Even if couples want to take care of the details themselves, they should work with a professional on important issues such as gifts because favors are essential! Guests are there to witness your special day and your first moments as a couple. The most elegant way to show your gratitude to your loved ones who have come from near and far to congratulate you and share your excitement and joy is with a small gift.

Arria Home is your most professional friend. Thanks to its exclusive range of gifts that will help you express your gratitude to your loved ones, it offers gifts to suit everyone, every wedding concept, and every budget. You can personalize all gifts according to your taste and concept, create them with the design of your choice, or order them in bulk. Be sure that this is exactly what your guests expect from a wedding favor.

With Arria Home, you can create designs that will be kept for a lifetime with your souvenirs that you care about every detail spent labor, time, and budget. Thus, you can give your loved ones and yourself an immortal memory from your wedding day.

12 Bulk Wedding Favors for Guests

Are you looking for a unique and fascinating gift for your loved ones who support and stand by you at every opportunity and for your guests who attend your wedding party and share your happiness? You also care about being budget-friendly. Do you also want to add your touches to these gifts and make the meanings they express special? Then, let us welcome you to Arria Home because Arria Home has much more than what you mentioned. Sit back and look at Arria Home's 12-piece "Wedding Favors for Guests" collection for you and your guests.

Our pillow series, suitable for every concept, is in the top 3 of the list with printed, punch, and embroidery pillows. Everything is your creation, from the color of the fabric to the color of the yarn, from the printing to the embroidery, from the size to the shape and finally to the design. Acrylic, resin, wooden, and punch coasters make up the next four places in the coasters series. There is always a coaster to fit all your wedding concepts. At the same time, it is possible to create them completely depending on your preferences and design wishes. Thanks to your tiny touches, we continue to create our list with car diffusers and punch keychains that will make a big impact with their cuteness. Next up are hangers and resin bookmarks that stand out with their elegance and meaning. These pieces, which we are not used to see as wedding favors, are today's trendy products with their elegance. Finally, embroidery towels are a unique keepsake that your guests will remember your wedding every time they use them in daily life.

With Arria Home, you can give elegant, stylish, and, most importantly, customizable gifts without breaking your budget, allowing your loved ones and guests to remember this special day and you every time they look at it.

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Printed Pillows

As a couple, you have decided on a boutique wedding concept. You will celebrate with your loved ones in a small garden with simple decorations, light music, various snacks, and an intimate atmosphere with approximately 100 people.

When everything is so low-key, there is only one thing that both of you as a couple think of exaggerating: Wedding Favors! A unique gift for your guests who mean a great deal in your life that they can use daily and remember you, this beautiful day every time they use it. Grab your coffee and leave yourself with Arria Home.

Printed pillows are precisely for you. Why? First of all, you have the opportunity to order in bulk. Secondly, choose the colors you want among the 19 fabric options. Another point is the dimensions; You can create it in any size you want from the six options we offer, with an inner pillow or just as a pillow cover. Another aspect you will touch is the colors of your print. We offer a wide range of 75 colors. Finally, after you share your designs with us, we work hard to bring your favors together with your guests.

Arria Home offers an exclusive and special gift collection and hundreds of customization options that allow you to touch each of the pieces in the collection. With the products you create with your own touches, you give the most special thanks to your loved ones who did not leave you alone at the wedding.

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Punch Needle Pillows

You've been tired of wedding preparations and the house rush. Now it is time to relax with your close friends. So let's go to the wedding! 

When you put your head on your pillow one day before your wedding, you thought of the difficulties you had in many subjects. Still, none of them were as difficult for you as the favors. How much effort do you make to find the right gift? Thanks to your friend, she finally introduced you to Arria Home, and the process became quite enjoyable and easy. Now, you are eager to bring your gifts together with your loved ones.

Arria Home is your biggest supporter of gifts, which are indispensable for wedding parties and one of the favorite rituals of most guests. How about gifting very special punch pillows at your wedding like our couple? You can also reduce your cost by gifting them only as a cover. Choose from 6 different sizes, 19 fabrics, and 22 thread colors. Now we are at the most fun part. You can embroider your guests' names, a unique symbol to remind you, or individual designs for all your guests. We do not limit your freedom. It's a charming way to show your gratitude for their support and participation in your party—an unforgettable memory for you and for them.

With Arria Home, as you create your wedding favors, you can have a pleasant time away from the wedding stress; simultaneously, you can steal the hearts of your loved ones most elegantly. One Arria Home is enough for you.

Embroidery Pillows

Although it has been a month since your wedding, your wedding day is still in front of your eyes. Everything was close to perfect. Almost all your loved ones, friends and relatives were there. It was a day that will not be forgotten for a long time for both you and them. The most memorable and shocking part of the wedding was the moment when you distributed the favors. After everyone had finished their appetizers, the band broke into song, and embroidered pillows were handed out during your thank you speech, leaving your guests in a state of shocked happiness.

Not only the way the gift was distributed but also the gift itself positively impacted your guests. Everyone in your wedding memory book has already mentioned this situation. Arria Home, which you met thanks to the referrals of a few friends, more than justified the money you paid for them. Everything was perfect, from the quality of the fabric of the pillows to the beauty of the embroidery. They completely fulfilled the design you requested. The embroidery was also perfect to match the elegance of the day. The fact that you took care of every detail yourself was also a subject that impressed both you and your guests.

The perfect gift is the final touch for your wedding. Because your guests will keep the gift that will remind them of this special day in their lives for many years, thanks to Arria Home, your final touches will also be your most impressive touches.

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Acrylic Coasters

There is a little time left until your wedding day. You check your preparations with your future spouse for the last time so that everything is ready. After reviewing your list, you are relieved to see that everything is prepared. Since a short time is left, you thought you could now say it easily. You expressed your disappointment to your spouse that your budget did not allow the acrylic coasters you decided to have made through Arria Home.

Ten minutes later, your husband shows up with an Arria Home box. After the shock, you were overjoyed. He told you that due to the bulk order, his payment per unit had decreased considerably so he could balance your budget. First to your husband and then to Arria Home, first to Arria Home and then to your husband. You couldn't decide which one to thank first, and finally, you shouted your endless thanks to both.

A souvenir will be in front of each guest at their table, a memory they can take away as a souvenir after the wedding. Among three shapes and two sizes, you chose square and large sizes, and among six different colors, you decided on the frosted one. You combined a special monogram with a unique design. Your spouse remembered all of them completely. Arria Home has also created beautiful pieces with its art.

It is enough to say hello to Arria Home to create gifts that will suit your budget, will be a nice gesture for your guests, and will remind you of your wedding.

Wooden Coasters

You and your partner have started to plan your wedding. You both have a concept in your mind. On a farm, wooden furniture, vintage materials, natural materials, dim lighting with candles, pastel tones that will integrate with nature, country music, clothes that are far from showing off. Yes, the rustic wedding concept. A warm celebration with your close friends, loved ones, and relatives with a menu consisting of plenty of snacks and drinks.

You have created your wedding concept with the help of a professional, and now it's time for the favors. Your guide introduces you to Arria Home's wooden coasters and then retreats because she wants you to have your own touch on the souvenirs you will create with your special feelings that you will reflect on your loved ones. Among three wood options and sizes, you choose the largest walnut wooden coasters that suit your concept. You combine the note with your name and wedding date to be engraved on it with the most beautiful design and font. Finally, after determining your quantity according to the number of guests, you have already clicked buy. It is compatible with your concept, simple and elegant, a pleasant memory for your guests and your creation. It couldn't be more.

We know there are no limits to your creativity, wishes, and possibilities. Why wait to show your guests your unique imagination and add the sweetest touch to your celebration? Start working with Arria Home.

Resin Coasters

Both natural and artificial flowers will make up a large part of your wedding concept and decorations. Isn't this one of the reasons why you are having your wedding in the spring season? Likewise, your bridal crown will be made of elegant flowers. There are even floral motifs on your wedding dress. So much so that you even stipulated that even your bridesmaids should have floral details in their outfits or accessories.

When it comes to the details, it is a must to have flower details in your gifts. Your red line. Have you met Arria Home? If not, let us introduce you because they have exactly what you want—resin coasters. Even if you try to hide your excitement, it is impossible because these products are more than you can imagine. Available in 6 different flower colors, you may fall in love with each of the designs, but white and yellow flowers will suit your wedding better. With impatience, you have completed your selections quickly and easily and have already placed your order. Thanks to the harmony between your wedding theme and your favors, your guests will think of your wedding day adorned with flowers every time they use your blessings.

Flowers add beauty to the place and elegance to the objects they touch. You can add beauty to your wedding with Arria Home's resin floral coasters and give the most elegant gift to your guests. And in the most beautiful form of flowers.

Punch Needle Coasters

Wedding Favors has become one of the rare topics that you and your partner have different thoughts about. You are in a hurry to give a gift that will reflect your personality and evoke your wedding day because it is different so that all guests will easily remember your unforgettable wedding day. Your spouse, on the other hand, is in a hurry to have a product that is handcrafted and bears traces of you. When you share this issue with your loved ones, they are completely divided into two.

Get her opinion, and she introduces you to Arria Home, the experts. And you introduce your future spouse. You are thrilled to find a product that reflects the wishes of both of you in your research to reach a common decision. Punch Coasters. Punch coasters, which are handmade, and you can create your design to respond to your spouse's wishes. They are equivalent to your wishes in that they evoke you with their cuteness and are a different gift. In addition to all these, you can order in bulk, and when you order in bulk, your cost per piece is considerably reduced. Great, you have found more than you were looking for!

Arria Home comes to be the ordinary pleasure of couples. You can create pieces that appeal to every taste with a wide range of products and hundreds of customization options. Just as Arria Home combines pieces with labor, you can combine different flavors in a single product in your products that you will create with labor.


Your wedding is approaching. You have decided to meet on a day when your bridesmaids are available to discuss the wedding list, finalize what needs to be done, and have a good time. You are very lucky. Because they were always with you, whenever you needed support, there was something you wanted to ask, you needed to go shopping. You want to make a small gesture for your bridesmaids who have worked hard for you and never leave you alone.

You say, "I am here" again to Arria Home, where you created your wedding gifts. You want to order hangers for your bridesmaids that are both stylish, an unforgettable memory from you, and that they will always use. You create hangers in a set of 4 using all four colors. You engrave their names on each hanger with a stylish design and add "Best Bridesmaid Ever" and your wedding date. You are more than satisfied with the result.

The most important thing about wedding favors is whether they will keep them after the wedding. By spending time and money to express your gratitude, you will have created hangers that they will be excited to use, not products they will throw away when they go home.

Arria Home is the most beautiful and elegant way to thank your loved ones. While your bridesmaids are preparing you for your most special day, you can prepare the most beautiful gifts for them. While your loved ones are with you, be with them in every moment with the gifts you will give with Arria Home.

Car Diffusers

As your wedding day approaches, you are slowly coming to the end of your preparations. The most challenging part of your wedding party, which you personally took care of every detail, was Wedding Favors. Not having a gift idea in your mind not knowing where to get the gift made, were the issues that made it difficult for you. However, in the end, you achieved more than you thought and wanted. How?

It all started when your colleague introduced you to Arria Home. Thanks to her positive experience at her wedding, she insistently recommended Arria Home to you. You found what you were looking for with Arria Home, which you said hello to get an idea—car diffusers. Although there are dozens of ready-made designs, you created a design that will appeal to everyone and will be special for your wedding day. With the guidance of the graphic design team, you created the perfect design. Finally, you created the final version of your products by using all essences from 10 different essences to appeal to everyone. After determining the current quantity, you click on the buy now button. Thanks to Arria Home, all the doubts in your mind have been replaced by unique gifts.

With Arria Home, your guests will remember this beautiful day with a smile, not only with its appearance but also with its scent. With Arria Home's helping hand to make your wedding day unforgettable, you can create a unique experience for your guests.

Embroidery Towels

While discussing ideas for your wedding with your spouse, your spouse came up with a suggestion you never expected. "Why don't we have a wedding by the sea, attended by our close friends and loved ones, with no frills, simple decorations, and pleasant music?" You liked the idea very much. From that moment on, you started planning your wedding according to this concept and making your preparations accordingly.

As time progresses and you get closer to finalizing your preparations, it's time for the wedding favors. The favors to be given for a wedding to be held in a seaside location should also be suitable for the concept. You know you can find something with Arria Home, which is with you every special day. Without doing much research, towels caught your eye. It meets everyone's needs in the ritual of jumping into the sea after the party. You liked the idea very much. From 10 different towel color options, you can choose different colors for men and women. Your guest list is not fluffy; you want your guests' names to be embroidered on each one. You also choose the yarn color compatible with the towel colors and create your products. Presenting your guests with personalized and handcrafted souvenirs they will always use will increase the meaning of the day for them.

If you want to give your guests the most elegant thank you gifts, you can give them a unique gift with Arria Home that they will keep forever and remember you every time they use it.

Punch Needle Keychains

You are in a good mood when you go through your wedding list and see that most of it is checked off. To be sure, you take a photo of your list and send it to the "Wedding" group you set up for the wedding. A friend of yours gives you feedback about whether you will distribute wedding favors or not. When you realize the most important thing is missing, your joy drops slightly, but you have enough days to compensate for it. You immediately start receiving gift suggestions from the group, and a friend sends you a link to Arria Home. You come across punch keychains. From that moment on, you start receiving design suggestions, not gift suggestions. Because the address and the product are clear.

For orders over 16 pieces, since you do not have to use ready-made designs, you prepare a design for your wedding day and send it to your group. Your design, which is edited first by your wedding group and then by the graphic design team, is ready with its shape, colors, dimensions, and everything. As the number of orders increases, you see that your cost per piece decreases, and you start to feel good again. When you learn that the products are knitted by hand one by one, you are in a great mood.

With Arria Home, you can be sure that giving handcrafted products to each of your guests is a great privilege for them, too. With the most special thank you gift you will give for sharing your happiness at your wedding, and you will always be in a different place in their hearts. Arria Home is also yours.

Resin Bookmarks

Books have always been the most important friends in your life. But now you have a real-life friend whose hand you can hold. Someone who suits you just right. You met the moment you reached for the same book on Bookmark. He's a bookworm, just like you. The perfect match.

You and your future spouse have decided to have a simple, low-key wedding. Even though you want a simple wedding, the two of you have also decided on a thank-you gift that will allow you to thank your guests who support you in getting to know each other and motivate you to move forward. This item should reflect you and your relationship. Speaking of your relationship, books are a big part of it. Wasn't your relationship born in a bookmark anyway? The idea is clear, but we need to elaborate. So, let the pages of Arria Home open for you.

Your husband has Arria Home experience, and you met him through him. He immediately showed you the resin bookmarks. From that moment on, there is no other gift thought in your mind. With 8 different kinds of flowers, 3 different leaves, and 10 different tassels, each with different variations, you created as many resin bookmarks as the number of guests. Your artwork is ready after writing your wedding date on it with a stylish font. You are happy to have done more than your mind; you have done the touches from your heart.

With Arria Home, you can turn your tastes into artwork and have the chance to whisper the words of gratitude from your heart to your loved ones on your most special day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Bulk Order Wedding Favors?

Wedding Favors can be ordered in bulk. You can mark the quantity you want to buy from the drop-down menu. In addition, discounts are applied for bulk purchases. For detailed information, you can contact us via message.

How Much to Spend on Wedding Favors?

You don't have to set aside a significant budget for wedding favors, which serve as lasting memories of your special day and show your appreciation to your guests. Arria Home offers bulk ordering options and discounts, making it possible to create unique and affordable baby shower favors.