Baby Shower Favors

Baby showers are one of the sweetest celebrations for both expecting parents and their loved ones. 

That’s why a souvenir gift is a must for your guests; as such, it should be a heartfelt gift that will serve as a pleasant memory for your loved ones. With Arria Home, you can thank them for sharing your excitement.

With our  hundreds of personalization options, you can create  every detail of the gifts. From color to pattern, from size to shape, from design to text, you’ll be able to create precisely what you are looking for. Our bulk ordering options are perfect for anyone looking to create unique baby shower souvenirs for their guests.

With Arria Home,you can express your most sincere thanks to your guests with handcrafted, personalized gifts. Thanks to your gifts, you have placed this day in the most beautiful place in the memories of your loved ones. As Arria Home, we thank you for giving us this opportunity.

12 Bulk Baby Shower Favors for Guests

You’re looking forward to your baby Shower, where all your loved ones, friends, and relatives will come to celebrate your soon-to-arrive baby.

With Arria Home, you won’t have to stress about the gifts you will give to your attendees, thanks to its unique Baby Shower gift collection. Let's take a look at Arria Home’s 12 beautiful gifts customizable especially for this day.

Number one on the list is our collection of  cute pillows. You can personalize printed pillows, needle punch pillows, and embroidery pillows as you wish..Next up is our collection of  coasters, which come in acrylic, wooden, resin, and needle punch styles, and are fully customizable, in terms of design, color, and size.. You can even thank your guests with personalized hangers and embroidery towels. How about fragrant car diffusers and needle punch keychains as a  memory of this beautiful day? Our resin bookmarks adorned with colorful flowers make for meaningful and elegant party favors as well.

So  don't worry about the baby shower favors; Arria Home is ready to make you the perfect baby shower favors.

  • Embroidery Pillows

  • Embroidery Towels

  • Hangers

  • Printed Pillows

  • Punch Needle Coasters

  • Acrylic Coasters

  • Punch Needle Pillows

  • Punch Needle Keychain

  • Resin Bookmarks

  • Resin Coasters

  • Wooden Coasters

  • Car Diffusers

Printed Pillows

Your baby shower is quickly arriving and you’re in  a hurry to find a cute souvenir to gift your guests..

Did someone call Arria Home? Because our customizable printed pillows make for the perfect party favor. You can customize them to be  large or small, with colorful or more simple designs. 

The souvenirs you create with Arria Home will look great in your guests' homes. While you thank them with a gift, they will thank you for the unforgettable day they had at your baby shower. Maybe  it’s Arria Home that deserves the biggest thank you.

Punch Needle Pillows

A Baby Shower party is the time where you introduce your baby to your small but lovely group of friends and close relatives. From treats to decorations, from music to organization, you want to have everything be perfect. But what about the party favors? Why not leave this to the professional, Arria Home.

Our needle punch pillows are both completely handcrafted, customizable, and can be ordered in bulk. We offer various fabric colors, along with the option to fully customize the pillow’s  handmade punch embroidery . 

Why not embroidery your baby’s name on the pillow, to serve as a reminder of this beautiful event? With Arria Home, you don’t only produce gifts but also happiness and excitement in all of our guests through our special gifts.

Embroidery Pillows

As a prospective parent, you are excited about your coming newborn, and 

your loved ones are as excited as you are. As such,  the baby shower you are organizing is not only a party for you but a party for your closest as well.y

That’s why you need cute baby shower gifts for your loved ones. Why not personalize embroidery pillows for your guests, with Arria Home’s multiple customization options. With various colors, sizes, and shapes available, you’ll be able to gift your guests a fine piece of hand workmanship. 

Acrylic Coasters

You’re eagerly awaiting your baby’s arrival; to make the time pass faster, you decide to throw a baby shower.  

You’ve started taking care of all the preparations from A to Z: refreshments, music, your outfit,and…souvenirs. Your guests, who have been there with you throughout your pregnancy, deserve a special thank you gift. 

Arria Home's acrylic coasters are perfect for this occasion. Choose from three different shapes and two different sizes, and personalize it with your own design. If you are not sure what design to put on it, contact our graphic design team and request one; our design team will work with you to create exactly what you have in mind . Order as many as you need, and voila, you’ve created a gift that fully reflects your heartfelt thanks.

Wooden Coasters

As the birth of your nephew gets closer, your excitement grows like everyone else's. A baby shower party is just the thing to make your sister happy.

As the baby's aunt, it's time to roll up your sleeves. You have prepared the party  with the help of your sister's close friends and other family members. But the most difficult issue is left for last. Favors! You have invited so many people but you don’t have anything to give them. Don't worry, Arria Home is here to save the day with its customizable wooden

Personalize every aspect of our wooden coasters, from the wood type (oak, maple, or walnut) to its size (from small to large), and even add a special text.  

With the personal touches you put  on Arria Home's elegant gifts, you’ll put your signature in the hearts of your sister and the baby shower guests. You can be proud of being the perfect aunt: After all, these gifts areyour creation.

Resin Coasters

From the first moment you learned that you would have a baby, you always had the feeling and wish to have a girl. When you heard your doctor's words that you were going to have a baby girl, you felt a completely different feeling. From that moment on, you started to make your preparations accordingly. Now you are thinking that you will have a daughter who loves flowers, yellow and purple colors like her mother.

Floral dresses, yellow-colored baby room and furniture, purple sheets and linens. While all your preparations continue in this way, you are in an organization plan for the concept of You’ve decided to have a baby shower party, with a flower theme in your favorite colors.

As you continue your preparations, it's time to create gifts that match the same concept. With Arria Home, your job is very easy. Our resin coasters are the favors that go best with floral patterns and can be customized to be in your favorite colors. These customizable resin coasters will be a pleasant surprise for your guests, a forever reminder of your wonderful party.

Punch Needle Coasters

You’re helping to throw a baby shower, and you’ve been given the responsibility of finding the perfect party favor for the guests. Your search is over! With Arria Home's cute needle punch coasters, everyone will be happy.

First,  determine the number of coasters needed. For orders over 16, you don’t need to choose from our ready-made designs. Then, create a design or use the guidance of our graphic design team to come up with the perfect design. How about needle punch coasters embroidered with the baby's name in your friend's favorite colors? Now that your friends have approved, your mission has been successfully completed.

Arria Home is at your service to make you and your guests happy with its unique range of gifts.


As the day of your baby's arrival approaches, your excitement and your loved ones’ grows. You’ve  decided to organize a baby shower to thank your loved ones for thinking so much about you and your new baby.

Once you've notified the guests, your focus is on the favors. You’ll need a small gift that reminds them of this special day

Arria Home’s customizable hangers are just the thing! Our hangers come in  four  different colors, and can be engraved with any text.Why not personalize each hanger with the names of the guests? There isn’t any better gift to thank them.

Punch Needle Car Diffusers

While organizing your Baby Shower party, you realized you needed to find party favors for your guests. Thanks to a colleague’s suggestion, you think car diffusers would be the perfect gift. But where to find them? Look no further than Arria Home. Our customizable car diffusers come in a wide variety of scents, colors and designs.You can create  bulk orders, personalizing each car diffuser for every guest. With 10 different fragrances and dozens of different designs, every guest will be sure to be happy and relive this unforgettable day whenever they look at their car diffuser. 

Punch Needle Keychains

Your wife says she needs your help with baby shower preparations. How about suggesting Arria Home’s needle punch keychains, which fit your budget and are personalizable. Our needle punch keychains offer  limitless customization options and are perfect for bulk orders. 

Arria Home makes not only your loved ones happy but also your wallet with its stylish products. With our bulk order options, you can create gifts that will enchant your loved ones without breaking the bank.

Resin Bookmarks

You’re looking for a gift that will be a useful but unique gift for your baby shower guests. Arria Home’s resin bookmarks are exactly what you need. Each resin bookmark is customizable, featuring an array of beautiful flowers. How about creating resin bookmarks with daisies to match your future daughter's name, Daisy? After deciding on the tassels and leaves that match the flowers' color, you can add a small personalized note—making your bookmark an unforgettable and stylish gift from you and your daughter. 

Embroidery Towels

You need baby shower favors for the small, intimate gathering you’ve organized. Why not give each guest a small embroidered hand towel, which they’ll cherish and use for eternity? With Arria Home, you can do just that.

Select your colors and embroider each towel with every guest’s name - a beautiful surprise for your guests, who weren’t expecting such a handmade gift.

With its various personalization options and skilled craftsmen, Arria Home is the best place to find gifts for all your special occasions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Bulk Order Baby Shower Favors?

Baby Shower Favors can be ordered in bulk. You can mark the quantity you want to buy from the drop-down menu. In addition, discounts are applied for bulk purchases. For detailed information, you can contact us via message.

How Much to Spend on Baby Shower Favors?

You don't have to allocate a substantial budget for your Baby Shower Favors to express gratitude to the guests who've supported your Baby Shower arrangements. You can obtain unique baby shower favors even with a limited budget by taking advantage of Arria Home's bulk ordering and discounts.

Who Pays For Baby Shower Favors?

Baby shower favors are tokens of appreciation offered to guests as a heartfelt thank-you for their participation in the event. The event organizer's responsibility is to cover the cost of these favors.