Retirement Party Gifts

From the moment we started working to the moment we reached the peak of our careers, the question of when we would retire was always on our minds. Most of the time, we calculate when we will retire, when we are empty, when we are overwhelmed by work, and when we complain about waking up early.

As the time for the retirement you have been dreaming of approaches, you begin to face both the hard and the sweet sides of the situation. You are happy because you no longer worry about setting alarms in the morning, getting stuck in traffic, working under stress, and struggling to meet targets. Another part of you is bitter because you are leaving your loved ones; the pleasant times you spent with them will no longer be there, and most importantly, you don't have the job you have spent most of your time on for many years. You are trying to figure out what to do.

While your colleagues are bitter about leaving you, they are also happy for you because you are retiring. Unlike you, they have one more hurry! The farewell party they will organize for you and what gift they will buy for you at the farewell party.

Arria Home is here to help you give the most unique gifts to your colleague who sails off to retirement days so that he will remember you every time he looks at it and uses it. With Arria Home, you can add your own touches using the personalization features to enjoy your freedom. You can make him relive the happy days of his professional life with a gift that he will remember you, be touched, happy, and reminisce even in his retirement days.

Arria Home is coming to multiply the joy of your retirement days with its distinguished products, quality materials, and skilled craftsmen. You will be happy to have touched his life with a gift that will remind you of his good times in the company, even in his retirement days.

9 Personalized Retirement Gifts for 2024

The person closest to you is preparing to take a permanent break from working life and start a new life where every day will be like a weekend. As her loved ones, coworkers, and family, you are in a hurry to celebrate her new status and find a gift that will be a part of you in her future life.

As Arria Home, we open the doors of our gift collection with high sentimental value, which will always remind her of the beautiful and unforgettable days she spent at work thanks to its stylish, customizable features. Customizable gifts are among the trends of 2024. Come inside and take a look at the most trendy pieces of the year!

Twin brothers Cutting Boards and Resin Cutting boards welcome you at the entrance of our collection. You can be sure that the most delicious meats will come out with these two customizable cutting boards that will integrate the joy of retirement days with the pleasure of barbecue. Now it's time to welcome our triplets: Resin Coasters, Acrylic Coasters, and Wooden Coasters. You have no doubt that coffee will accompany her retirement days. So why not choose one of the different coaster models with her name on it, which will evoke good memories of business life? One of the most stylish products on the list is Live Edge Desks. You know that she has built a room where she will deal with her hobbies and read books. The most elegant retirement gift is an eye-catching Live Edge Desks for his room. Another gift is resin bookmarks that will spoil her and her books. You can accompany the pleasure of reading books with unique Resin Bookmarks. A unique souvenir from you is the Car Diffusers, which will multiply the driving pleasure of your travel lover, trigger the desire to travel and reminisce the days when she commutes to work with its scent. For your loved one who will now be very interested in the kitchen in all her free time, Embroidery Aprons with her name embroidered on it will be her assistant in the kitchen.

As you can see, you can create gifts for everyone with Arria Home. Moreover, by using various personalization options, you will create a gift and a unique memory for them. Arria Home will fulfill your wishes to turn your gift into an immortal memory.

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Cutting Board​

The great thing about retirement is that you don't have a job where you get up early in the morning and spend almost all day. Instead, it sounds great to spend long periods just on yourself, your hobbies, and your pleasures. In fact, you can't stop thinking that this retirement is a very good thing.

On the other hand, the colleague you would ask every time you were in trouble is no more. It is impossible to forget their support, help, and all they have done for you. A gift to show your gratitude would be a nice gift for him.

How about a gift that will make him remember you while doing what he enjoys doing the most with Arria Home? A Cutting Board that you can personalize using Arria Home's customization features while spending his days with barbecue pleasure and football duo. With the information you get from HR, it will be an unforgettable gift for him when you engrave his entrance and termination dates. An unforgettable gift that will remind him of the days you spent together every time he enjoys barbecue football.

With Arria Home, you can give your loved ones a special gift that will be with them every moment, even if you cannot be with them. Using Arria Home's dozens of customization options, you can touch your loved one's heart and make them relive their unforgettable days in professional life.

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Resin Cutting Board​

It's time to say goodbye to your colleague with whom you have worked for years and commuted to work together. Her retirement is near and her last days at work. You have decided to organize a farewell party for your friend who has a special place for both you and the company. You usually have to worry, but with Arria Home, you can relax because your gift is ready.

Her dream of living close to the sea for years is finally coming true with his retirement. You know that she has bought a new house by the sea and will spend most of her retirement days here. With Resin Cutting Boards, with resin evoking the sea and its wood evoking the beach, you can gift a precious piece of decor for her new home. Wait, it's not over yet. In addition to all these, Arria Home's personalization options where you can decide on the size, shape, wood, and creative design ideas, your unique resin cutting board gift is now one of a kind.

With the unique beauty of Arria Home, you will give your friend a meaningful retirement gift and the favorite piece of his kitchen where she likes to spend most of her time. Every time she looks at your gift, she will remember the good times between you with a smile.

With the Resin Cutting Board personalized with her name, all her meals will contain a piece of your friendship. With Arria Home's Resin Cutting Boards, meals are more delicious, presentations are more enjoyable, and home decors are more eye-catching.

Resin Coaster

Your coffee buddy in the company, the colleague you spend time at her desk every time you get bored because of the dozens of flowers, the colleague who first greeted you when you first entered the company, is getting ready to retire. Although you are sad, you are happy on her behalf. She is moving on to a new period of time where she can enjoy herself, take up new hobbies, make time for her own pleasures, and spend more time with her husband, children and grandchildren. Of course, you can't send her off to this new life without a gift from you.

You want to bring together two of her favorite things and two pieces that constantly remind you of her: coffee and flowers. Arria Home is always with you as your savior. The Resin Coaster set of colorful flowers that she will use while sipping her coffee is exquisite and an immortal souvenir from you. Flowers that will never fade will be combined with the smell of coffee, which is her greatest pleasure, and you will appear in her eyes with every sip of her coffee. Especially if you also print the date you met, you can be sure that the beautiful days you spent together will be an immortal memory for her.

There is no limit to what you can do with Arria Home. Use Arria Home's unlimited personalization freedom if you want to revive unforgettable memories between you and your loved ones. With Arria Home's designs, the distances between you and your loved ones are no excuse for their memories to pop into their minds.

Acrylic Coaster

As a boss, this may be the first time you have sent off an employee with such intense emotions. 25 years. It is time to say goodbye to the most valuable member of your family who never leaves your eyes behind even when you are not in the company, whose information you immediately seek in case of any confusion or incorrect transaction, who never leaves you by saying "this is my family" despite receiving bigger offers.

For exceptional people, you need to do more than say thank you. A fitting farewell and a gift that will remind him of his company days. Arria Home, your most loyal companion in gifting, is fortunately still with you. An acrylic coaster set with the dates of your employee's career path and milestones from the day they set foot in the company until the day he leaves. Arria Home's graphic design team creates beautiful designs in the colors of the company logo. I hope Arria Home doesn't retire and leave us behind. Don't worry; we are always with you and your loved ones.

Although Arria Home's customization options are plentiful, they are always clear, especially since the graphic design team already takes care of everything for you.

With Arria Home, you do not say goodbye to your loved ones. We ensure that you are always with your loved ones with the immortal gifts we have created for you. Even if the roads part, your hearts are as close to each other as your gift.

Wooden Coaster

What a night, huh? YourYour farewell to the company couldn't have been more beautiful, fun and memorable. All your friends from the company, your managers and even their families were there. Your farewell speech and the gift you received after your speech was the moment when you experienced your emotions the most intensely.

The first thing you did when you came home was to open your gift. As soon as you opened the box with Arria Home written on it, the intensity of your emotions increased again. A gift could be so elegant and immortal at the same time. Wooden coasters to decorate the tables of your newly opened chalet concept breakfast place. An everlasting memory made of walnut like the design of your workplace with your logo, name and contact numbers. Every time you look at it, you will remember the good old days and your brand's image will increase in the eyes of your customers. By the way, you engraved Arria Home in your head. 

What are you waiting for to start that golden period when your loved ones are just entering their doors with a sweet surprise and a stylish gesture that they will never forget? With Arria Home you can create unforgettable gifts with a few simple clicks. If you want to leave a trace of you at the turning point of someone's life, don't wait any longer, start clicking and create your orders.

Live Edge Desk​

After that difficult one-week period after leaving your job, you slowly started to adapt to retirement. You are even starting to like it. No alarm clock to wake up early in the morning, no traffic chaos to get to work, no fussing about preparing food for lunch. You have a long period of time ahead of you, which you can enjoy and spend time on yourself and your hobbies.

Just as you enter the kitchen to prepare a coffee, there's a knock on the door and the courier is standing at your door with a huge Arria Home box. He carried your package to your room. You opened it out of curiosity. It's from your children. Oh my God! They sent one of those live edge desks you've always wanted, the one you've planned to put in your workroom. The glossy surface, the naturalness of the wood, the imperfections of the edges, the elegant two pairs of legs. You want to thank first your children and then Arria Home—the perfect motivation to start that book you've always wanted to write. The color is in perfect harmony with your newly decorated room. It is a unique piece that you find peace every time you look at it.

Arria Home brings the time you spend in nature and the peace you feel to your living spaces. Live edge desks, which will take all the stress of your working life and give you the feeling of being reborn, will be the best friend of your retirement life.

Resin Bookmark​

Retirement is a comfort zone after a period of hard and dedicated work. Although it is not easy, you are slowly getting used to this comfort zone. After working for so many years, this is the first time you have so much free time, except for vacations. But you should start adapting now.

You thought how many books there are to read, how many TV series there are to watch. You immediately ordered a series of books that have recently become bestsellers and books by your favorite authors. Until they arrive, you thought you would spend time with TV series.

One day, as you were getting ready to start your series, there was a knock on your door. You thought it was my books, but it was a small Arria Home box. You are very surprised! Your nephew sent you a little gift to celebrate your retirement. How elegant they are! White, blue, yellow. Resin bookmarks with your favorite flowers with the words "I love you so much, auntie". You were curious and checked Arria Home right away. Your admiration increased even more when you saw how many personalization options there are and that it has a structure that allows you to make your own touches. You thought it would look great with my books. Now you are more impatient for your books to arrive.

Arria Home offers you little friends who will be your companions while you do your favorite activities.What are you waiting for to be with your loved ones who are far away!

Car Diffusers​

This retirement isn't so bad after all" you thought as you and your spouse headed to a seaside town where you could spend a few days away. After a busy and stressful working life, you are now in those golden days when you can enjoy life and spare time for yourself and your loved ones.

During the journey, your eye caught the car diffusers that your little niece gave as a gift at your retirement party. A sweet and fragrant gift that he thought of with his tiny mind and little heart, just like him. Her little gift reminds you of the good days of your working life and the warm family atmosphere at your retirement party every time you travel. How surprised were you when you saw the Arria Home box he held out with her tiny hands? It was the most meaningful gift of the day for you.

With Arria Home, you can accompany your loved ones on their journeys with the most beautiful scents. You can choose the fragrance that you think will suit your loved ones the best from the ten different fragrance options we offer for you and make them feel you with them on their journey. When he inhales the fragrance of your gift, his loved ones and the good days in his professional life will come to life in his eyes and his retirement days will be even more enjoyable.

With Arria Home, let your loved ones feel you next to them with your scent. Remind them with your scent that they are never alone, even in their retirement days.

Embroidery Aprons

You are a little sad these days because it is time for the auntie of the children, the cook of your school, the master of the most delicious meals, who has been with you since you opened your school, to retire. She was not a staff member or an employee for you, she was the most valuable member of this family.

On the last day of school, while students and teachers will take a temporary break for the summer vacation, she will take a permanent break and step into a new life. As a matter of fact, on the last day of school, you are planning to send him off to her new life at the end of the year party that children, families and teachers will attend. Of course, with a ceremony and a gift worthy of her name.

She will continue to cook her favorite dishes for her guests and create unique flavors. Because the kitchen is a passion for her. With Arria Home, you can give her a very  stylish embroidery apron with an inscription on which you thank her for her efforts and embroider her name. In this way, it will be an immortal memory for her and she will remember the good days she spent at school and with you while cooking. You know she loves red. Create an unforgettable memory for the days she will never forget with a red apron and an elegant hand embroidered design.

Arria Home is the right address for you to create subtle and elegant gifts that will make your loved ones cherish the memories they will visualize repeatedly. Even if they leave their workplace, they will carry the memories in their minds, you in their hearts and your gift on their bodies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Offer Customization Options?

At Arria Home, we strive to make every purchase a personalized and one-of-a-kind experience. Our diverse range of products comes with distinctive features and customization choices. For Acrylic Coasters, there are lots of personalization options. You can customize the coaster shape, acrylic color, size, and design you want to print. For Printed Pillows, you can decide on pillow size, inner pillow option, fabric color, and printing color. When it comes to Embroidery Pillows, just like the Printed Pillows, you can personalize pillow size, fabric color, and inner pillow option. Also, you can customize thread color for your custom design. And for our Towels, you can create your personalization by selecting fabric colors, size, thread color, and font. For Personalized Cutting Boards and Resin Cutting Boards, you can choose the board size, type, groove options, and design for laser engraving. When it comes to Neon Signs, you can customize neon color, acrylic shape, font, and size. For our Hangers, you can decide on the wood color and design. For Wooden Coasters, you can personalize wood type, coaster size, and design. For Resin Coasters, you can choose daisy colors and designs. For Live Edge Desks, you can choose from 6 different sizes and 7 table leg options. Simply create your customization and send it to us by adding the details to the designated personalization box.

Is There An Additional Cost For Requesting Customizations?

When you shop with Arria Home, personalizing your purchases won't cost you extra. The only price adjustment you'll encounter is for products when you change the quantity. Enjoy hassle-free customization at no additional charge.