Promotions or Job Changes Gifts

We spend more time at our workplace than at home and see our colleagues more than our family. We spend more time at work than in our social life. In our work life, which has such an important place in our lives, the issue that will make us most satisfied is getting a promotion at our current workplace or getting a job offer from a different company with better conditions.

We all make an effort, show high performance, and strive to achieve goals, either to get promoted in our current workplace or to attract the attention of a different company. In the end, we are rewarded for our efforts and efforts.

On their special days, we would like to share their happiness, appreciate their efforts, crown their successes, and reward their efforts with pleasant and meaningful gifts. But these gifts should be different; they should be special and remind them of their efforts and achievements.

You know you are at the right address with Arria Home. From shape to size, color to pattern, and quantity to print. In short, you can present them with the perfect job change and promotion gift by creating elegant and unique pieces with your fingerprints on everything. Let the handmade nature of the products remind them of their efforts, the quality of the products remind them of their success, the durability of the products remind them of the bond of friendship between you, and the uniqueness of the products reminds them of the value you give them. You will remember Arria Home with the happiness of giving a meaningful gift that will always be with them.

8 Personalized Promotions or Job Changes Gifts

How about buying a gift for your loved ones who have been promoted or changed jobs? While the gift from you is enough to make them happy, the fact that it bears traces of yourself will add a completely different value to your gift. Giving your loved ones a gift of great sentimental value will also make you happy. The idea that will make both you and your loved ones happy comes from Arria Home. How? Let's take a look.

For your friend who gets tired of work by watching movies on the TV couch, you can increase both the movie pleasure and comfort by giving comfortable punch pillows as a gift. You can give your friend, whose biggest hobby in his social life is playing computer games, neon signs with his favorite game character to accompany him while playing games at night. You can give car diffusers to your friend who commutes to work in his car, instilling enthusiasm for work and relieving stress after work. For your friend who brings work home, night lights that will be a companion while working at night will look nice on his desk. For your friend's new office, let a lovely acrylic sign with his name and title be with him while accomplishing the most successful works. A personalized cutting board is an exquisite idea to serve the most delicious meats to your friend, who is declared the king of barbecue by his colleagues. Live edge desks that he can use as work and computer desks in his home office are the perfect choice for working environments. Work is stressful enough and unique, stylish punch coasters are very useful to avoid the stress of drinking coffee to relieve stress and leaving marks on the tables.

You see, with Arria Home, there is a gift for everyone. So, what are you waiting for to create your gifts and make your loved ones happy?

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Punch Pillows

Your sister received a job offer from a workplace 10 minutes away from her home instead of her current job, which is 1 hour from her home. And with better conditions. You should celebrate it immediately with a meal and a gift!

Let us take you to the Arria Home ranks for your sister, who constantly follows magazine and documentary programs on TV and watches TV series when she is at home. We got the message and brought the perfect gift to your fingertips.

For that tiny and cozy living space where your sister has a huge TV, small fireplace, TV armchair, books, and desk, punch pillows which are colorful, in different sizes, personalized according to your wishes, and hand embroidered with the names of her favorite series. Both an unforgettable work gift for your sister and a lot of friends with traces of you for the activity she likes to do the most. Not only will you decide on the size of the pillows, but you will also have full control over the fabric's color and even the design thread. Hold on tight, and we're getting to the perfect part. The only limit for the design is the limitlessness. Afterward, your pillows will turn into art with the hand labor of our craftsmen with hands as soft as pillows.

Let the happiness, efforts, successes, and joys in business life be crowned with a gift you will create with Arria Home. The comfort and pleasure of punch pillows personalized with Arria Home will make you forget all your work fatigue and stress.

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Neon Signs

Your spouse won the exam for that job he had been preparing for a long time, working day and night, even sacrificing his social life. He is being transferred from his unsatisfactory job to another workplace with better conditions. He deserves congratulations.

You should give a unique gift to your spouse who has achieved success by giving up himself, his hobbies, and his social life, which will both remind him of his success and make him happy. He deserved it!

While he is playing a game with his friends, you are thinking of a gift. Wait, did you say games? Let's take you to the magical world of Arria Home. Don't you think it's legendary that your husband, whose biggest hobby is playing computer games with his friends, is accompanied by the username he uses in all his games? Time to get to work with Arria Home. We start by choosing our neon color. Among the ten neon colors, choose your husband's favorite color. Then, decide on the size of your sign. Finally, your gift is ready by determining the username appropriate sings shape and font. Congratulations, with Arria Home, you have created a unique playmate and a perfect job replacement gift for your husband. Your husband will look forward to the evening to play games with the neon signs accompanying him.

With Arria Home, crown your loved ones' successes in business life such as job changes and promotions with unique gifts they will always keep with them daily. Touch both the business and social life of your loved ones with Arria Home...

Car Diffusers

It’s your first days at your new workplace... Gifts and flowers are coming from loved ones, family and friends. Everyone has sent something to celebrate your job change and congratulate you on your new job. As things arrive, you are happy, too. You open each package with pleasure.

A package sent by Arria Home catches your eye. Your intern sent it from your former workplace. She has sent you car diffusers in various colors, patterns and scents. She also attached a small note. Her sensitivity and elegance touch you.

You get curious and start poking around Arria Home. Because you liked the elegance and quality of the gift. You want to meet Arria Home with the thought that you may need it tomorrow. Indeed, there are car diffusers with stylish designs. Moreover, you decide on the design, scent option, and size yourself by using the personalization options offered to you. You think that it is a priceless feeling that it is both customizable, stylish and that the person you give it to will remember you every time they get into their car.

Arria Home's car diffusers will touch your loved ones' eyes with their designs, noses with their scents, and hearts with their elegance and meaning. When your loved ones go to work in the morning, they will start the day beautifully with your gift and forget the tiredness of the day after work with your gift...

Night Lights

As a finance manager, your husband now has his room, desk and accessories. In short, his space. You are searching for a gift to congratulate your husband about his promotion and add your touch to his workspace.

How about the idea of creating a gift with Arria Home? Night lights caught your eye among the options. The workload has become heavier and sometimes he may need to work at night. You know he can't work in the intense light at night. You have immediately made your planning and you are ready to click on the personalization options. In terms of motivation while working, you are thinking of using your family photo taken at your son's 3rd birthday last month as a design.

You are ready to start personalizing with Arria Home... You choose a shape that is compatible with the accessories among 10 acrylic shapes and one of the 7 acrylic colors that will be compatible with the room. You choose walnut from 4 wood base colors matching the walnut furniture. You have chosen 2 lightning options in white to avoid distraction while working. After deciding on the colors of your design and the font to be placed on it, it is ready.

With Arria Home, you can give meaningful gifts to your loved ones so that your support is with them even while they are working. Let the night lights you create using Arria Home's personalization options brighten both the working environments and the hearts of your loved ones.

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Acrylic Signs

You will visit your brother on his first day as assistant manager to be with him and see what he needs. You have some trouble finding your brother's room. Because he is the new assistant manager, nobody knows his room, and some doors have no names. Finally someone showed you the room and that's how you found it.

After a short congratulatory visit, you leave the room. Your gift was already in your mind when you entered his room. As you wandered around to find his room, you noticed the name tags on the office doors. Some of them were pretty elegant, eye-catching and intriguing.

You are in a hurry to have a stylish, eye-catching, impressive, professional image and a nameplate that leaves an impression on the eye. Your panic didn't last long; because Arria Home's acrylic signs contain more than these. You choose an acrylic plate for the room dominated by wood. After deciding the size, you create a plate with his title and name, a simple design, and a clear font that befits the institution. You have already clicked the buy button...

Thanks to Arria Home, making your loved ones happy with a plate is so easy but priceless. With acrylic signs that will add elite value to your brother and his room, you will inevitably leave a positive impression on those who see it and arouse curiosity. What are you waiting for to create gifts that add value to your loved ones? Arria Home is with you to add value to elegance...

Personalized Cutting Boards

Your buddy has become the head chef at the restaurant where he works. Now he will only cook unique dishes for special customers. You want to visit him as soon as possible to congratulate him and to witness his unique flavors again. When you find a suitable gift, of course. You should buy an important gift for such an important chef of such an important restaurant.

A gift that is both stylish and meaningful and will help him while revealing his unique flavors... Arria Home is here with the elegance of handcrafted and the endless pleasure of personalization. Have you seen the customizable cutting boards? A cutting board with the largest size handles will be his biggest assistant in the kitchen, where he can cut his meat comfortably while preparing his uniquely delicious meat dishes. Even a cutting board made of walnut will accompany him for many years with its durability. Finally, by engraving the name of your friend, who according to you is the best cook in the world, anywhere on your cutting board, you will give him the most unique gift in the world.

Experience the pleasure of stepping into Arria Home's customizable product world with the personalized cutting boards you will create for your friend's promotion celebration. Let your friend enjoy making the most unique meals for the most special customers with the most special cutting boards. With Arria Home's unique cutting boards, the meals are more delicious and the time spent in the kitchen is more valuable...

Live Edge Desks

The excellent news of the day comes from your niece who has been promoted at work. Even better than the promotion is that she is now returning to her homeland after living abroad for years. She deserves a special congratulations and of course a gift. You are very meticulous about gifts. It should be a premium gift for such a special moment.

The arrival date is still 15 days away. Enough time for a special gift. When you browse Arria Home, the first thing that catches your attention is the uniquely beautiful live edge desks. A unique piece thanks to the naturalness and imperfection of wood. Thanks to the elegance of wood, it can adapt to any environment and design. By bringing nature and peace to your living space, it allows you to make a warm touch to your environment. Even the feeling it creates on you makes you excited to buy this one-of-a-kind piece, doesn't it? We know you are impatient for your niece and her room to have this natural masterpiece, whose size and foot structure you decided on with Arria Home. You are quite right; the natural beauty of wood has always excited us as much as it has you.

We bring nature and peace to living spaces with Arria Home's natural and handcrafted woods. Everything has its flaws, but perhaps nothing has ever been as beautiful as the flaws of wood. Add warmth to the environments of your loved ones with sophisticated and trendy touches with Arria Home...

Punch Needle Coasters

You heard that your neighbor, with whom you meet at least once a week for afternoon tea, has been transferred to another company. You are happy for her. Because she had been having problems at work for a while, it was starting to affect her social life and her family life. Fortunately, it's all behind her! You wanted to share her success and happiness with a small gift when you meet her for afternoon tea next week.

Fortunately, you have a friend like Arria Home who is always with you when it comes to elegant and thoughtful gifts. New job, new environment, new friendships, new surroundings... Punch coasters that will accompany these changes with their elegance, shine on her desk and make her feel that you are always with her attracted your attention. Small but effective punch coasters that will accompany the coffees and conversations with her visitors and customers in her new workplace and make you feel your friendship by always being at her table. Moreover, by using Arria Home's customization options, they can be created in colors and tones that are just right for her. The fact that it is special for him and that each handcrafted needle stroke will impress your neighbor even more.

With Arria Home's punch coasters, every cup of coffee will remind your friends of you. Your punch coasters will not only be a companion accompanying your pleasant conversations, but will also be their best friend by protecting your tables and coffee tables from coffee traces.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for the product to arrive?

At Arria Home, each of our products undergoes a unique production process, leading to production and shipping times variations. To illustrate, items like cutting boards, punch pillows, and printed pillows typically require just one day for production. Your product's production commences once you approve the design draft we send you via message. Shipping times may vary depending on your location, but, on average, you can expect your package to arrive within 3-5 days.