Birthday Gifts

A family member, a friend, a spouse, a relative, etc. What is the most special day for these people you love and care about?

Birthdays are celebrated only once a year, distinguishinging that date from other daisare when your loved ones are the happiest ahe most special. Every gift you give him on this special day will help you to make his day even more beautiful and maximize his happiness. The gifts you buy thinking that they will love them reflect the importance you give them and your love for them.

Arria Home allows you to turn the most suitable gift ideas for your loved ones' birthdays into a piece that belongs only to them. Give your loved ones an unforgettable birthday with the piece you create by choosing the color, size, shape, and design of the gifts that will make them happiest on their birthdays. The day they feel special is celebrated once a year. Your personalized gift will make them feel happy and special for the entire year and remain in their memories.

11 Personalized Birthday Gifts

The gifts you buy for your loved ones on birthdays are very important. Your gift will reflect your love for your loved ones and make them feel happy and valued at the same time. Arria Home has prepared a unique collection for Birthday gifts, which makes it possible to personalize all of these features with a single gift. So, what awaits you in this collection?

The first piece of our Punch Bags collection is a unique handmade gift for your loved ones who often use bags in their daily lives. Another piece, Night Light, will turn the darkness of the night into light by shining with its beauty. Let them, while sipping their coffees with Acrylic Coasters to complement their table decor, sit pleasantly in their armchairs with Printed Pillows to complement their armchair decor. Let Embroidery Pillows, the favorite of room decors, enchant the guests coming home, and Embroidery Towels, the favorite of your summer vacation plans, enchant the beach sunbeds. When it comes to coloring the kitchens, Cutting Boards and Resin Cutting Boards are holding hands and waving to you. A personalized Cutting Board with engraving detail is the muse of your loved ones' meals; a Resin Cutting Board with an epoxy design resembling the beach is a permanent member of your presentation tables. Of course, as we touch every corner of your loved ones' home, we also have a significant touch on the walls. With Neon Signs, rooms will shine brightly without the lamps. Finally, we are closing our Birthday collection with Hangers, where your sportsmen's loved ones will display their jerseys. 

While we close our collection, you open the door of Arria Home for the most memorable birthday gifts.

  • Wooden Coasters

  • Hangers

  • Cutting Boards

  • Punch Needle Bags

  • Printed Pillows

  • Night Lights

  • Epoxy Cutting Boards

  • Embroidery Towels

  • Embroidery Pillows

  • Neon Signs

Punch Needle Bags

Every day, your partner is battling with her bag before she leaves the house to go to work. She has a lot of documents, a computer, a notebook, etc., to take with her. And Bingo! You've been thinking for weeks about what to give your wife for her birthday, and you've finally found the gift you've been looking for a bag that will save your wife from this battle.

Then, we invite you to the magical world of Arria Home. You can celebrate your wife's birthday with Punch Bags designed specially for her. You can design the bag in any size, style, and fabric you want, making your wife win this battle and have an unforgettable birthday. Decide on the style and size of the bag that will make your partner happy going to work in the morning. Then, choose a fabric in a color that your partner likes. It already looks very beautiful with your choices. How about turning this bag into an even more unique gift with a special design for your wife? You can choose one of the design variations we have carefully prepared for you, or you can create a design that is not among the options but that your spouse loves very much. Your design was embroidered by elegant hands onto the bag of your choice and turned into a soft bag. The process of preparing a unique birthday gift is complete. Now it's time to complete your wife's birthday happiness…

Thanks to the Punch Bags specially designed for your wife's birthday, she had the happiest birthday ever. This happiness made her a winner in her battle to go to work in the morning.

Night Lights

Your little princess's birthday is coming up. Have you  thought about what would make her happy on her birthday? 

Believing that the darkness is a monster that will eat her, she can only sleep in her room when she reads a book. Then you can buy her a reading book as a gift. But is your gift enough to make her happy for her birthday? We don't think so. We don't know if it is written in the books you read, but in our Arria Home book, it is written that Night Lights has a special power to destroy monsters.

Night Light has the power to brighten both the birthday and the room of your daughter, who is afraid of the dark as bright as the sun. The source of this power is specially prepared personalization options for birthdays. Let's complete your lamp with one of twelve beautiful designs among ten different styles and seven beautiful acrylic colors that will make your gift special for your daughter. We have prepared designs that will suit the princesses. Choose the design that will make your daughter happy. Let us combine your choices with your daughter's name and turn it into a perfect birthday gift.

And a happy ending. With Night Light, specially prepared for your daughter's birthday, the princess slept peacefully for a lifetime.

Acrylic Coasters

You are organizing a surprise birthday party for your coffee-addicted friend who can't pass the day without drinking coffee. You are preparing a party with the details that will make her the most happy. Coffee cake, coffee-flavored drinks, a coffee-scented atmosphere. Let Arria home prepare your gift matching all the coffee details you have prepared. 

Acrylic Coasters, a unique gift for birthdays, will delight your friend who loves to drink coffee at least as much as a cup of coffee. At the same time makes her feel valuable and special with the unique design on it. Choose from the personalization options that will look best on the coaster. We offer options of three beautiful shapes, two different sizes, and six different colors. We also add your friend's name to the coaster you create, thinking it will harmonize with your friend's style. Now it's a unique gift for your friend's birthday. 

Your friend has an Acrylic Coaster that is a constant companion with her coffee mugs. Of course, thanks to your perfect gift.

Printed Pillows

If you have a brother who plays computer games almost all day without leaving his gaming chair, end your birthday gift searching with Arria Home because there is a gift in our birthday gifts collection that will suit your brother perfectly.

The chair experience of your brother, who spends most of the day in the game chair, will become more comfortable with the Printed Pillow specially designed for him. We have prepared the options that can provide this comfort due to our intensive research. The first of the options is a choice of four beautifully different sizes. You can choose the size that will make your brother the most comfortable and the most suitable for the seat structure. We also offer eleven different fabric color options so that you can choose the fabric of the pillow and the size. You can choose fabrics of your brother's favorite color in this step. Thus, you have completed the choices that will make your brother's seat more comfortable. Now, let's turn this pillow into a gift that will make him the happiest by combining it with a special design. With your brother's name, username, or the logo of his favorite game, the pillow is now the most spectacular part of your brother's birthday.

Embroidery Pillows

Your lover's birthday is on February 14th. For this special date, you should choose a gift that can be both a Birthday gift and a Valentine's Day gift. The time you have left to choose this gift is exactly one week. Take it easy and sit back. Just give us a few minutes of your time and enjoy the rest of the day.

Double happiness, single gift thanks to Arria Home's Embroidery Pillows specially prepared for your lover's birthday… Perfectly beautiful pillows reflect your love for your sweetheart for both special days and make your lover very happy. All you need to do for your gift is to choose your pillow and the design to be embroidered on it. We have carefully prepared the size and fabric options that will make your lover happy. Make the choices that will turn your gift into a unique artwork. We didn't stop there. We have also added beautiful designs to reflect your love. Let us embroider your names, initials, or a picture of both together that you like onto your pillow with our designs symbolizing love. We have completed your pillows with great love to be worthy of the choices you have made with love.

Completed Embroidery Pillows have turned into a birthday gift that will suit your love. Flawless and eye-catching… 

Embroidery Towels

Next week is the birthday of a very close friend who is spending the summer at his house. You don't want to leave your friend, with whom you spend almost all the time, alone on this special day. So you decide to go to his summer house for a surprise birthday. Let Arria Home accompany you on your journey.

We thought you can't go on a journey without a gift that will make your friend feel special on her birthday. We have decided that the best gift to accompany you is a towel that would look good in a summer house. A special towel embellished with a design that will make your friend feel happy and special... When your friend's name is embroidered on the towel in your friend's favorite color, embellished with geometric patterns and tassels, it will no longer look like a towel whether she uses it as a decor in her summer house or keeps it with her while she is going to the sea. Embroidery Towels, which reach perfection and can easily adapt to any environment with your choices, are the best of your gift choices.

When your friend sees your gift, watch with pleasure how you made the right choice because the happiness on your friend's face shows that she feels special and valuable.

Cutting Boards

To your wife who is a cook, to your mother who spends her days cooking, to your friend who cares about food presentations, to your father who is a barbecue master, to your relative who is interested in kitchen decor… Which gift will give them a unique gift experience on their birthday?

Cutting Board, personalized by Arria Home for your loved ones, is a unique surprise for birthdays. With cutting boards designed exclusively for them, let your chef wife show off her skills, let your mother flavor her meals, let your friend enchant her guests, let your father's barbecue parties be colorful, and let your relative's kitchen shine brightly. And it meets all of these by itself.

Cutting Board shows off its skills by taking different shapes for the different needs of each of your loved ones. For this reason, we have prepared personalization options so that your birthday gift that meets the different needs of each of your loved ones makes them even happier. There are three beautiful wood types, five style options, and different sizes for each of them. Add a special design to the cutting board you choose to meet the needs of your loved ones. Make your loved ones smile by being with them every moment while they work, cook, and prepare the presentation table. If you want a text, if you want a recipe, if you want a monogram that they will love… You have completed your birthday choices with your preferences and unique designs special for them. Now they have a gift that will make them happy on their birthdays and at every moment of their lives.

Resin Cutting Boards

Are you looking for a decorative gift for your mother's, father's, relatives', friend's, or spouse's birthday that will meet their needs or that they will use at home? Arria Home is the only address for all your searches…

Make your loved ones feel even more special with your personalized Resin Cutting Board gift on their birthdays when they feel the most special. The epoxy design, which resembles sea waves, turns into a beach when combined with the cutting board. We have created beautiful customization options that will suit the Resin Cutting Board so you can gift this beach to your friend. These options include three different cutting board styles, sizes, and unique designs. Make choices to turn your loved ones' kitchens into a perfect picture and color their presentation tables. We will engrave the design of your choice for your loved ones on the beach in the style and size of your choice. 

Your search for your loved ones' birthdays ended with a perfect piece. The gift prepared for them also turned into a special beach for them.

Neon Signs

Are you ready to enter your loved one's birthday party with a flashy gift? The parties of your loved ones will shine brightly with Arria Home's Neon Sign designs. It will shine with your unique choices. There are beautiful neon colors, acrylic shapes, fonts, and designs. Prepare the neon signs for your loved ones' party by clicking on these beautiful customization options that will make your loved ones feel special. Let us turn this preparation into colorful signs with their favorite monogram, a word they like, or their name. Let the neon signs in the color they love, with the text that will make them happy, enchant those who see them as soon as they enter the party. While Neon Signs will be the party's favorite, you will be the favorite of your loved ones.

At the same time their walls are also colored with the opportunities to use them as home decor in their daily lives.


Celebrate the birthday of the teammate you played on the same basketball team with an unforgettable gift. Hangers, which you can design exclusively for your teammate with Arria Home, is the most unforgettable gift you can give him… And what makes this gift unforgettable?

We have prepared perfect designs for your friend on the basketball team. We also left the selections of these designs up to you. You can start designing your hanger by choosing the type of wood you want. Then, specify your preferences, such as the name of the team, the team logo, or your friend's name to be written on the hanger. Let your choices combine with the design specially prepared for your friend. When your choices are combined with our craftsmanship, a perfect picture emerges. This is what makes your gift unforgettable…

With your unique birthday gift, your teammate now displays his jerseys on hangers specially designed for him. Thanks to you, his jersey is as gorgeous as the first day.

Wooden Coasters

Your co-worker in the same office has a birthday next week. You are at the right address if you want to share his happiness with a small gift on this happy day. Why?

While Arria Home is making everyone happy with gifts, it has remembered your co-workers. It prepared Wooden Coasters gifts that can be a unique decor piece for their work tables. Coasters that can either be used as a decor piece on his table or save his table from the trace of a coffee cup are just worthy of your colleague… The most important detail of your gift is the opportunity to decorate it with a personalized design. The wood types of Walnut, Oak, and Maple make the coaster beautiful. After choosing the type of wood that will match your friend's table, you also choose a design. You can combine your friend's name, a favorite monogram, or a text indicating his position at work with the coaster in any font you want. Wooden Coasters, which are handcrafted and carefully transformed into a perfect gift, are ready for the birthday with all their charm. 

Your colleague's table has turned into an art exhibition since his birthday. The rarest piece of the exhibition is your specially designed Wooden Coasters... Your wooden coasters have captivated your colleagues and your other colleagues.