Engagement Gifts

Engagement marks the beginning of a beautiful journey where two people in love decide to start a life together. It's a time of joy and the desire to celebrate this momentous step with a ceremony. As friends and family, your presence at the engagement ceremony is significant, and the gifts you choose reflect your support and happiness for the couple.

Selecting the perfect engagement gift is a heartfelt way to show that you're standing by them during this special time. When conveying your emotions effectively, look no further than Arria Home's personalized gifts for engagement ceremonies. These gifts are tailored to capture the essence of your sentiments.

With Arria Home, you can add a personal touch to your gifts, making them unique and memorable. Wouldn't having a unique touch in all your engagement invitations be wonderful?

9 Personalized Engagement Gifts

Arria Home's Engagement Collection offers a range of thoughtful gifts to enhance the couple's joy at all your engagement parties. With nine unique gift ideas tailored for each couple, let's explore what this collection offers.

First in the collection is the Personalized Cutting Board, a gift that allows your loved ones to prepare meals with love in their new home. Engraved with the couple's names, it adds a heartfelt touch to their culinary endeavors. For couples involved in the restaurant business, the Resin Cutting Board makes an eye-catching addition to their interior décor.

To make a grand entrance at the engagement, our collection now includes Neon Signs. Illuminate the occasion with a bright gift featuring the couple's names or a special message.

For a touch of elegance in their home décor, consider the Printed Pillows. These pillows feature embroidered names, adding charm to their sofa. Embroidery Pillows with the couple's photo are also available to enhance their bedroom decor.

For organizing their clothing, our special Hangers make a personalized gift. At the same time, the Embroidery Towel adds a personal touch to their beach loungers.

Our collection also includes gifts for engagement party guests. Acrylic Coasters, explicitly designed for your engagement, are a unique way to express gratitude to your guests for celebrating this special moment with you. These coasters make for a memorable token of appreciation.

Personalized Cutting Boards

Your two close friends, who share a passion for gastronomy and studied together at university, are about to embark on a journey of love and commitment with their engagement ceremony. Join in their joyous celebration by offering them a gift as unique as they are.

Arria Home, your trusted companion in making a memorable entrance to the gastronomy graduates' engagement ceremony, presents the exquisitely crafted Personalized Cutting Board. What sets this gift apart is its ability to be customized exclusively for the happy couple. It's a gesture that caters to their needs and makes them feel exceptional.

Selecting the perfect cutting board for your friends is a breeze – choose from our six distinct styles and sizes, pick one of three high-quality wood types, and explore our collection of forty-six unique designs. As your friends spend much of their lives in the kitchen preparing to embark on this new chapter, we create a cutting board tailored to their love story. Our skilled artisans will precisely engrave meaningful details like their names, engagement date, or other cherished memories onto the board.

With your thoughtfully personalized gift, your entrance to the engagement ceremony will undoubtedly captivate everyone present. After all, the most unique gift for the couple is the one that comes from your heart.

Resin Cutting Boards

Your close cousin is about to take the big step of getting married, starting with an engagement ceremony next week. To celebrate this joyous occasion and show your love, consider Arria Home your go-to destination for unique engagement gifts.

Our Resin Cutting Boards are a thoughtful choice that will beautifully reflect your affection for the engaged couple and bring smiles to their faces. What sets us apart is the opportunity to personalize your gift for the couple. We offer three distinct cutting board styles, each available in various sizes. Take your pick to ensure it perfectly matches the couple's preferences.

Next comes the fun part – customizing it with one of our sixteen designs. Add sentimental touches like the couple's names, engagement dates, or initials. But it doesn't stop there.

We take your selections and enhance them with an epoxy design that can make this gift the highlight of the wedding. Our epoxy design, resembling ocean waves, transforms the cutting board into a beachy masterpiece. Imagine the sands on this beach etched with your chosen design for the couple.

This Resin Cutting Board gift, designed for the engagement ceremony, can adorn the couple's kitchen with love or grace their dining table, adding a dash of romance. Let your heartfelt gift be a part of their cherished memories. Visit Arria Home today to create a gift as unique as their love.

Neon Signs

Is your sister tirelessly preparing for her upcoming engagement ceremony? Help her ease the decor hunt with a thoughtful engagement gift. Arria Home's Neon Sign gifts are the perfect choice to make her engagement truly special.

Our Neon Signs are tailor-made for engagement ceremonies. They can feature the couple's names, initials, or sentimental words, adding a vibrant and unique touch to the celebration. What's more, you can select the text, neon color, writing style, and acrylic shape. When these elements come together, they create a dazzling and attention-grabbing decor that will be the highlight of the event.

As a brother, presenting this specially designed Neon Sign for your sister's engagement is the ultimate gift. It saves her precious time and elevates the joy of this special day. Make your sister's engagement memorable with a gift that truly stands out - the Neon Sign from Arria Home. It's the most beautiful gesture a brother can offer to his sister on this significant occasion.

Printed Pillows

What makes the perfect engagement gift for your loved ones' special day? You want it to bring joy, show your support, and make them feel cherished. And, of course, it should be uniquely tailored to them. Well, here's a delightful solution that ticks all these boxes.

Introducing Arria Home's exquisite Printed Pillows, explicitly designed for engagement ceremonies. These pillows add a touch of elegance to their sofa and beds and offer personalization options that will truly resonate with the happy couple. With a wide range of choices, you can easily find the perfect match for their loving home.

Select from 23 different fabric colors, choose from 4 pillow sizes, and play around with beautiful fonts and colors to create a unique design that captures their essence. With your expert touch, these pillows become a heartfelt addition to the engagement celebration.

Imagine their delight when they receive a Printed Pillow adorned with their names and engagement date – a soft and love-filled gift that makes their beds and armchairs even cozier. Make their special day even more memorable with Arria Home's personalized Printed Pillows.

Acrylic Coasters

To truly express your support and share in the joy of your loved ones' engagement celebrations, consider gifting them something special. Arria Home offers an exceptional way to do just that.

Send your love to the happy couple with personalized Acrylic Coasters designed specifically for engagement celebrations. You'll have the freedom to choose from three unique styles, two different sizes, and a vibrant palette of six colors to match their preferences perfectly. In the design section, discover a selection of 35 exquisite designs, each ready to transform the couple's names or engagement date into an unforgettable memory.

These specially crafted Acrylic Coasters will be a constant presence in the couple's life, whether they use them to enhance their coffee moments or add a pop of color to their tables. No matter the purpose, your thoughtful gift ensures that you're always there, sharing in their joy and happiness. Elevate their engagement with a personalized touch that reflects your love and support.


Embroidery Pillows

Arria Home has got you covered when it comes to finding the perfect gifts for your loved ones on their engagement day. Our products are crafted with the same love the engaged couple shares for each other.

A standout among our offerings is our handmade Embroidery Pillows. These personalized pillows are sure to bring joy to the couple. You can customize everything, from the pillow's size and fabric color to the font and embroidery color. Take it a step further and add a design that holds special meaning for the couple, whether it's their photos, names, or initials.

Rest assured, whatever you choose will not only add a personal touch but also rekindle their love and bring smiles to their faces. Our handcrafted items are infused with love from start to finish.

With a handcrafted Embroidery Pillow, you're not just giving a gift; you're giving a piece of your heart, making it the most heartfelt engagement present. Choose Arria Home for gifts that speak volumes about your love and care.

Wooden Coasters

Are your loved ones preparing for their engagement ceremony, and you're looking for a memorable yet small gift to celebrate this special day? Look no further than Arria Home! We've got the perfect engagement gift idea that will add a stylish touch to their tables and enhance their conversations over coffee.

Our wooden coasters are here to accompany your loved ones on this joyous journey. We offer a range of personalization options to match their decor, including three different wood types and three sizes to choose from. You can also select from twelve delightful designs, combining names, engagement dates, or initials with unique and charming motifs.

Rest assured, the coasters you personalize with your chosen features are carefully crafted to reflect your love for the happy couple and their special day. These mini reminders, beautifully designed as a set, will ensure your love is always close to them, no matter where life takes them. Make their engagement even more special with Arria Home's wooden coasters.


Are you attending a loved one's engagement ceremony and searching for an unforgettable gift? Look no further than Arria Home! We've crafted a thoughtful gift idea that's both practical and memorable.

In daily life, your loved ones open their wardrobe doors for various reasons, be it work, special events, or simply choosing their pajamas. Recognizing the significance of this daily ritual, we've created customizable clothes hangers to add ease and charm to their wardrobes.

Our collection offers four distinct hanger styles and a dozen unique designs, ideal for personalizing the engagement couple's wardrobe. Whether for the bride or groom, these hangers are designed to please both.

Your gift of personalized hangers transforms into a unique work of art, gracing their wardrobes and their wedding day. Picture the excitement as the couple's wedding attire hangs proudly on these specially prepared hangers, adding elegance to their big day. Make your gift unforgettable with Arria Home!

Embroidery Towel

Discover the perfect engagement ceremony gift at Arria Home—a gift that will shine as brightly as the sun. Our exquisite Embroidery Towel, adorned with captivating geometric patterns, is ideal. Elevate its allure with your personal touch, as we offer various beautiful customization options.

Tailor your gift to both the bride and groom's preferences. Select from a palette of ten vibrant colors to match her favorites. Choose from three different sizes to meet her needs. Play with embroidery colors and fonts to create a design that perfectly captures her name or initials.

Our skilled artisans hand-embroider your selections onto these unique towels with utmost care, ensuring a gift ready to delight the happy couple. Whether they're lounging by the beach or enhancing their home decor, this versatile gift brightens every corner of their life.

Gift them the freedom to define their space and style, making every day a joyous celebration. With Arria Home, your thoughtful gift will truly stand out at the engagement ceremony, capturing the essence of the special day.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Gifts do you give at an engagement party?

Arria Home offers a selection of 9 unique and meaningful gifts to celebrate this special occasion. These gifts are designed to add a touch of love and style to the engaged couple's life:

  • Personalized Cutting Boards: Add a personal touch to their meals together.
  • Resin Cutting Boards: Transform their kitchen into a warm and inviting space.
  • Neon Signs: Make their home sparkle as brightly as their love.
  • Printed Pillows: Create a cozy and comfortable space on their sofa.
  • Acrylic Coasters: Protect their tables from unsightly mug stains.
  • Embroidery Pillows: Add a touch of traditional elegance to their new home.
  • Wooden Coasters: Bring a rustic atmosphere to their living space.
  • The Hangers: Help them step into a more organized life.
  • Embroidery Towel: Introduce them to a touch of luxury.

These gifts are meaningful and functional, making them ideal choices for an engagement party. Explore Arria Home's collection and find the perfect gift to celebrate this special moment.

Can I Include a Personalized Message With My Gift?

Absolutely, we can include your heartfelt message with the gifts you purchase. Rest assured, we won't include the receipt when packaging your order.