Handmade Gifts

Your loved ones want to see you with them to share their happiness on every special day and celebration. You want the gift you choose for these celebrations to make them happy by being with them every moment. But does every gift have the same effect on your loved ones?

Let us answer for you. The gifts that Arria Home keeps for special occasions have the highest effect you can give, the reason for the effect is that all gifts are carefully prepared with hand labor. There are handcrafted personalization options for each gift. We make the designs you choose that are suitable for the needs of your loved ones. We will make them feel valuable and unique only for your loved ones by carefully handcrafting them.

Every gift prepared by hand for the special days and celebrations of your loved ones is a unique piece specially selected for them. Then, let us introduce you to these fantastic pieces.

9 Personalized Handmade Gifts of 2024

Welcome to the handcrafted world of Arria Home! We see you have accepted our invitation to prepare your unique day gifts in a timely manner. While we are honored that you accepted our invitation and chose us, you are marked to give the most unique gift to your loved ones. We have prepared a collection of beautiful handcrafted gifts to provide you with this honor. What's in this collection?

In our collection, nine unique products are waiting for you to be specially designed for your loved ones. Punch Pillows are the most impatient ones in the collection. The design, which will make your loved ones happy, turns into a cute pillow with soft wool embroidered by skillful hands. Another member of the Punch family, Punch Bags, is as impatient as the pillow. The complementary part of the combinations cannot stand still to be the favorite of the bag wardrobes. Car Diffusers will enchant car lovers with their handcrafted designs and fragrant scents. The product of the collection that will thrill the guests is Embroidery Pillows. The image embroidered with perfect hand labor will enchant the guests coming home with its beauty. We remembered the summer holidays in our collection and added Embroidery Towels as a gift. Let the beach sunbeds be full of glamor with a hand-embroidered towel. Regarding the tables in the collection, Punch Coasters and Resin Coasters will protect your tables from stains and color your table decors with their handmade appearance. Let the houses shine brightly with Night Lights, and let Punch Keychains open the doors of this shining house.

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Punch Needle Pillows

Your friend has moved into a house as cute as she is. During the moving process, your friend got very tired because he tried to do everything with his hands, and now almost everything is complete. The only thing left is the pieces to color the decoration. Then, It is Arria Home's duty to color this handcrafted house.

Punch Pillow designs, an indispensable piece of decor for cozy homes, are the best gift choices. It can adapt to all rooms with its design, make your friend feel special, enchant guests, color the decoration, and many more unique features. We need your skillful hands to combine these features in a single pillow. Complete your choices with the size that will fit all rooms, the color that will make the decoration stylish, the embroidery color that will enchant the guests, and most importantly, the design that will make your friend feel special. Now, it is our skillful hands to gather your unique choices together. The perfect design you choose for your friend will be carefully embroidered on the pillow with soft wool.

The handcrafted Punch Pillows have become a perfect picture that will color your friend's cute home. It's just making your friend's new home decoration shine brightly.

Punch Needle Bags

Your daughter, who has dozens of bags in different styles and colors, needs a handmade bag in her collection. We immediately take over the situation and prepare Punch Bags that will be the most favorite part of your daughter's collection. Of course, we need a little help from you in this process.

You know your daughter well. As a mother, you know what she likes the most. For this reason, we need your skillful hands to personalize your daughter's unique collection piece. We have carefully added the features that your daughter might like to the personalization options. Please choose your daughter's favorite fabric color, the bag style that is not in her collection, the size, and the design she would be happy to see. If you want, you can choose from the sweet designs we have prepared for you, or you can select an image your daughter loves but is outside the designs. So the help we will get from you is solved by your skillful hands. Now it's time for us to help you. Our professional hands are involved in the process so that you can make your daughter happy. 

The personalization options you carefully choose for your daughter reach our expert Punch team. As a result of masterful meticulousness, your design is processed by hand labor. And the result is just like a mother's touch.

Now, your daughter's bag collection has a rare piece that shines beautifully and smells of motherly affection.

Car Diffusers

First of all, Congratulations! You bought a new car with the first money you earned in your business life. We are as happy as you are and wanted to share our joy with you with a handcrafted gift. Car Diffuser that will color your new car with its appearance and make it smell good with its scent to suit it?

Arria Home has developed beautiful handcrafted designs and fragrances for your car. There are hand-embroidered designs, especially for your vehicle. You can color your car with this 67 handmade design or with your initials. When it comes to making your car smell good, ten scent types will relax you. Feel yourself by the sea with the Ocean and in the fresh oxygen zone with the Garden. Enjoy freshness with Mint and relaxation with Vanilla. Reduce your stress with Lemon and Pineapple, and increase your energy with Coffee. Let your happiness grow with Strawberries and Cocoa and your smile with Coconut.

When fragrances, each with its benefits, are combined with sweet handcrafted designs, you have the opportunity to get the best car accessories. So buy it without wasting time and have a gift worthy of your car.

Night Lights

You are excited about the arrival of a new member to the world. You want everything to be the best for her. For this reason, you decorated your newborn baby's room yourself. Handcrafted plush toys, knitted rugs, embroidered pillows. While handicraft dominates the entire decoration of the room, let the night light that will illuminate your baby's nights also be handcrafted.

Arria Home has designed Night Lights that can be as cute as newborn babies. And we've added customization options so that they can adapt to your baby's room. You can choose the acrylic style and color you want, the design to be engraved on it, the wooden base, and LED colors. You can choose from different acrylic colors, four wood base colors, ten beautiful acrylic styles, two LED variations, and twenty sweet designs to complement the room decor.

Our professional team has meticulously handcrafted your choices so that a night light can sparkle in your baby's room. Now, your baby also has a handcrafted Night Light decor. Moreover, it also undertakes your excitement.

Resin Coasters

You called your friends whom you haven't seen for a long time due to your work and planned to meet them next week. While talking on the phone, you realized how much you missed and neglected them.

How are you going to make it up to me?Just buy a handcrafted Resin Coaster gift. The most beautiful gift you can give your friends, who are as precious as a flower for you, forgive yourself, is the specially handcrafted coasters. The coasters, in which you can create your design for each of them with live flowers in beautiful colors or with their names, are combined with a perfect epoxy. As a result, your gift reflecting their elegance is made ready by hand labor.

Resin Coasters, which will accompany you on your meeting with your friends, is waiting for you with all the features you need to forgive yourself. When your friends see you have prepared a handcrafted gift that will make them feel happy and special, they will forget their resentment towards you.

Embroidery Pillows

Of course, every gift you buy for your mother for Mother's Day will make her happy. What about handmade gifts?

We know very well how happy Arria Home's handcrafted Embroidery Pillows design will make your mothers. We meticulously researched what would make a mother the most satisfied on a pillow. In the research, we concluded that a pillow should be specially designed for them and decorated with embroidery. The research results made us very happy because all of these features are available in our product. With the personalization options we have specially prepared for you, we bring you the opportunity to design your gift, especially for your mother. These designs are carefully embroidered by experts in their field and turned into a perfect Mother's Day gift.

You have succeeded in making your mother happy in the best way with Embroidery Pillows that you have specially prepared for your mother. This Mother's Day is more memorable and more valuable than others.

Embroidery Towels

Hello! Are you ready to meet our unique handcrafted piece that will light up your summer vacations like the sun?

We look forward to making Arria Home's Embroidery Towel designs, specially designed to beautify your summer seasons and dazzle at the beach, special for you. We have prepared beautiful personalization options for you. You can choose the size, color, and design of the stylish geometric patterned towel. Let the towel prepared in the color you like and in the dimensions suitable for your needs be decorated with your name or an inscription you like. Let your unique choices meet with professional hands and create a perfect image. 

Embroidery Towel, the favorite product of summer vacations, will be the first product you will add to your suitcase. Your summer vacation will be perfect, and your sunbeds will dazzle.

Punch Needle Coasters

How about leaving small but sweet handmade reminders on the tables of your loved ones to remind them of you?

Arria Home has designed handmade Punch Coasters for your loved ones' tables and coffee tables that will always remind you of their softness. Coasters embroidered with beautiful and cute designs are the sweetest gifts that can reflect your love. There are exactly 67 designs that can reflect your love. Whether with a heart figure, sweet smiley faces, or cute animals. Although the designs are different from each other, the effect on your loved ones is the same. Therefore, you can choose the design you want with peace of mind.

When the designs you think will make your loved ones happy turn into coasters with hand labor, the result will be exactly as you feel. Punch Coaster, which becomes a piece that will not leave their tables or coffee tables, will remind you every time your loved ones sit at the table. Your soft and loving heart will always be with them and will create a smile on their faces.

Punch Needle Keychains

Your beloved nephew has bought his first home. You are as happy as he is. Crowning your happiness with a handcrafted gift will make your nephew very happy. If you are considering where to reach this gift, the answer is at Arria Home.

Let Punch Keychains, designed in a form that will spoil the keys, spoil the keys of your nephew's first home. The only thing you need to do for this is to choose among the handcrafted designs for your nephew. You can create your gift with one of the 67 handcrafted designs you like or with the initial letter among 26 letters. Let the door of his house open with happiness with key chains that you can color with designs from beautiful and sweet varieties.

You are the architect of the smile that will appear on your nephew's face every time he enters or leaves the house with the Punch Keychain you have gifted to him. He will never forget you for making him happy by giving him the smallest but cutest handmade gift of his first home.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Personalize a Handmade Gift to Make It More Special?

Arria Home stands out for its complete customization. We offer a range of personalized products that make ideal gifts for you and your loved ones. Instead of settling for plain, ordinary items, why not give the gift of exactly what you desire?

For Punch Pillows, you can adjust the pillow size, fabric color, thread color, text, and design to your liking.

For our Punch Bags, you can personalize them in four different bag options, select dimensions, choose fabric colors, and even decide on the embroidery design and thread color. When it comes to Punch Coasters, Punch Keychains, and Car Diffusers, we offer a variety of design options, or if you order 16 or more, we can create a design specifically for you. Our Resin Coasters come in various color combinations of your choice.

Our Night Lights can be adjusted to your liking with choices for acrylic color, wood base color, acrylic shape, lighting, print color, font, and sample design. And for our Towels, you can create your own personalization by selecting fabric colors, size, embroidery color, and font.

Is There An Additional Cost For Requesting Customizations on Handmade Items?

The prices of our products are primarily influenced by their size. However, it's important to note that any personalizations you choose, which don't affect the item's size, come at no extra cost.